Tottenham vs Manchester United: Clash of two catastrophic back lines

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Tottenham vs Manchester United: Clash of two catastrophic back lines

It doesn't happen so often that the fans of both teams can burn the coach of the opposing club with the famous one: "You will be fired in the morning" But that is exactly the case on the day of the match between Tottenham and Manchester United at the new White Hart Lane in London.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's head has been on the guillotine for a long time, and after the catastrophe in the Derby of England, we are just waiting to see who will pull the rope, and Nuno Espirito Santo is not far from such a fate.

The negative outcome of today's clash could mark the end of the torment for one of the two coaches under pressure. That is why today's match was given the symbolic name "El SACKico" (To be sacked). Solskjaer shocked England public with his behavior in the days after 0: 5 from Liverpool.

The Norwegian is behaving as if nothing happened at Old Trafford last weekend, but it is absolutely clear to him that the visit to London is practically the last chance for redemption and extension of the mandate. Although there is a widespread opinion that everything that is happening at the moment is just a postponement of the inevitable, despite the fact that Solskjaer has the open support of Sir Alex Ferguson and the sports sector of United.

Solskjaer and Nuno could feel on their skin how difficult the legacy of Jose Mourinho was after his departure. Unlike Tottenham, United fans at least briefly got hope that this season's championship dreams could come true or that the Devils would at least find themselves in more serious competition for the title.

Espirito Santo is still struggling with a locker room where he failed to leave the impression of an expert capable of taking the club to the next level even four months after his arrival. Admittedly, Nuno was not at the top of the wish list of owner Daniel Levy, but when Erik ten Hag and Antonio Conte previously rejected the possibility of moving to the Premier League, there was no other choice.

Poor defense

Tottenham scored the same number of goals in nine league games and did not fulfill the wishes of the fans who wanted attractive football with an attacking orientation. The arrival of United's poor defense gives hope that things could change.

Let us remind you, United's defense managed to save the net in only once in twenty-one games, and only in the last three did it allow as many as eleven goals! Espirito Santo is the subject of criticism on several items - that his Tottenham plays "boring football", that they play "catastrophically bad" in derbies, that he even managed to change the reputation of Harry Kane, that the team looks even worse than at the moment before Mourinho's departure.

"Ole deserves respect because he is a really wonderful person. Every time we played against each other he had gentlemanly manners." "A man worthy of respect and I really admire him ", said Nuno in the announcement of the meeting about Solskjaer and then he looked back on his position in Tottenham: “My focus is on things I can control and have an impact on.

It is up to the players to put into practice everything we are working on, what we are preparing so that the hours we spend together in training turn into a good result." "If I think about pressure all the time I would just make myself a problem.

I would take the nervousness home with me, I would constantly think about what would happen the next day. That's why I only think about football and ignore the noise around me. "