Solskjaer compared Manchester to a stunned boxer

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Solskjaer compared Manchester to a stunned boxer
Solskjaer compared Manchester to a stunned boxer (Provided by Sport World News)

He survived. This time also. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will lead Manchester United against Tottenham, probably also away to Atalanta in the Champions League, and the city derby with City just before the national team break. What will happen next, no one can predict, but the Norwegians demand the reaction of the chosen ones in London, where the Red Devils will seek recovery from the five goals against Liverpool.

So painful that Ole compared the consequences of a convincing defeat to one of the most popular martial arts. "We felt like a stunned boxer. We finished on the floor in the first round. We had a chance, immediately after that, we conceded a goal, we wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible, but we got hit again." "Look at Tyson Fury (by the way, a Manchester fan, op.

Cit.) When he is knocked down. It's amazing how calm he is. Count to six, seven, or eight, and only then get up. Our problem is that we got up too fast ", Solskjer said before the match with Tottenham (Saturday, 6.30 pm). After the debacle in the duel with Liverpool, one of the dialogues that could benefit him was with Sir Alex Ferguson, a former Manchester strategist to whom Ole was often the joker.

"I experienced difficult moments at United both as a player and as a coach, but I always found a way to fight back. I also had to deal with failures." "Since I have been the coach of this club, we have gone through two or three crises, I can only assure you that I will know how to fight back."


Manchester will be deprived of Paul Pogba's help against Tottenham, considering that the Frenchman got the red card in the match with Liverpool.

The others are ready. "We trained great this week. I feel that the players are ready to present themselves in the best edition. We have to go through this period bravely, confidently, and in harmony." "This group of guys can do that, because we feel great respect for each other.

We need a reaction. It is my responsibility to return the players to the appropriate course, "Solskjaer added. This match will be an indicator of how mentally strong the Manchester United team is and whether they can come out stronger after one of the biggest defeats, and show that it was just a bad day.

Soslkjaer will have a really difficult task, and he will need a lot of luck to remain a coach

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