Pioli: "I haven’t talked much in the locker room since Ibra came"

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Pioli: "I haven’t talked much in the locker room since Ibra came"

Stefano Pioli came to Milan as the next solution when Marco Giampaolo already ruined the season. Not much was expected of him because he was not profiled as a coach who did make successes in big clubs, nor did he win a trophy.

It was rumored that he was good at working with young players, that he started well in every club, but that his teams fell sharply later, and that usually ended with his dismissal. Pioli still succeeded in Milan. In the first season, he managed to bring the Rossoneri to the Europa League, and the second to return them to the Champions League after a seven-year absence.

In this third, he started great in the championship and won 28 out of a possible 30 points. Milan has had such a good start to the season only once in history. This is the first club in which Pioli has kept at least 100 games on the bench.

"I feel the pressure even when I walk a dog or ride a bike in Milan. Every week you feel the pressure that you have to win. Whether it's the championship or the Champions League." "I train Milan, which is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world, and that must be the case ", Pioli says in an interview for DAZN.

Pioli's Milan changed after the coronavirus pandemic. It was as if a completely different team had returned to the field. "After the defeat by Genoa, we found ourselves in the training center and the club told us that Milanello must be closed for a while.

The professional staff and I decided to give the players a few weeks off." "It was a strange situation for everyone and everyone needed space and time to get used to it. When we started training, the players rotated in groups so that everyone could see everyone and talk."

"I think that period brought us closer as a group because people were isolated then and it was difficult for them. "


Pioli is not known as a great speaker and motivator. At least not in public. "One of the most important things for a coach is what he will say before and after the game.

Now I don't talk much after the games because Ibra is there so I spend less time in the locker room." "Sometimes the heads are hot after the games, so I prefer to tell the players what I have tomorrow."

He does not hide that the arrival of the Swede in the young team of the Rossoneri was of inestimable importance. "He has a crazy mentality. He still has a huge desire to play even though he has already made a great career.

He is an amazing motivator who passes this on to the rest of the team." "His arrival helped everyone. He had tremendous intelligence and sensitivity to adapt to the team in formation. He expects a lot from himself and therefore from others."

"He is our playmaker in attack and that is felt in every training session. He is a great champion who watches football with his real eyes. "