Maguire: "This is one of the lowest points in the careers of all of us"

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Maguire: "This is one of the lowest points in the careers of all of us"

Disappointment, humiliation, acceptance of responsibility, striving for progress and better games - in these few terms, we could summarize everything that Harry Maguire said in an exclusive interview for British Sky. When the biggest rival humiliates you with 5: 0 in your house, when you receive 12 goals in four games, in the windstorm, apart from coach Ole Gunnar Solskjarr, there is logically a captain and a pillar of defense.

As a result, Manchester United have not been on the lower branches for a long time, and it is still followed by a hellish week and clashes with Tottenham, Atalanta, and then Manchester City. That is why the debacle from Liverpool must be forgotten because, since that game, Red Devils have been sitting in front of the screen for 24 hours and watching it over and over again, in order to extract anything positive.

"It was difficult, disappointing. When I return the film and look back at the result and our game ... It was humiliating. Not even close to the reputation of this club" began the most expensive English defender of all time.

There were heavy defeats last season as well. Tottenham just walked through the Theater of Dreams and celebrated with 6: 1, but United did not lose more convincingly than the city rival in this century. "This is one of the lowest points in the careers of all of us.

You come home and don't sleep much, thoughts multiply in your head. If only I had done this or that differently." "I went home, looked in the mirror, thought about what I could do better, and accepted full responsibility for the defeat.



The embarrassment against Liverpool also caused a reaction in the locker room, because a couple of football players allegedly rebelled and began to reconsider Solskjaer's decision to award Maguire the captain's armband, even though it does not belong to him according to the club hierarchy.

Maguire also talked about the locker room. "I hope that each of us who share the locker room re-examines himself, accepts full responsibility, and does not point a finger at others, but only at himself." "After this result, you have to start from yourself.

We betrayed the coach against Liverpool. We betrayed the fans, the club, ourselves. The biggest burden is on our backs. Do we owe the coach a better edition (against Tottenham)? Of course. " Injured Rafael Varane is missing from Manchester, but the fact that the Frenchman is currently not available to the Norwegian coach should not justify the period from September 22, in which United lost four times, with one draw and only two victories.

"We conceded too many goals. I accept great responsibility for that. I am the captain. I was a pillar of defense for two years. We had several good series, but at the moment we are not defending as we should." "I will try to return to the form I had in the last two seasons before my injury.

Since the start of the season, we have allowed our opponents to create a lot of opportunities and we have been penalized for that this week." "We gave the Liverpool players a chance and they punished us. This must not happen against quality teams we won't get away with it. "