Rafael Nadal: "Karim Benzema deserves the Ballon d'Or"

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Rafael Nadal: "Karim Benzema deserves the Ballon d'Or"

It was not too lucky a 2021 for Rafael Nadal, struggling with a series of physical problems. The pain in his back and foot prevented the Spanish champion from reaching 100% of form, despite the two titles won respectively in Barcelona and Rome.

The former world number 1 failed the assault on his 14th Roland Garros, having had to surrender to Novak Djokovic in the semifinals. The 35-year-old from Manacor has missed both Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, hoping to get back in good shape on the North American hardcourt.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion tried to return to Washington, where he was defeated by Lloyd Harris at the end of a tough match. At that moment, Rafa realized that it would take him longer to heal his foot and get back competitive.

It is no coincidence that - shortly thereafter - the Iberian announced that he had to close his season early. We will see the Majorcan only in 2022, even if his presence at the Australian Open is not certain. Tennis fans are well aware of Rafael Nadal's passion for football and especially for Real Madrid.

Using his Twitter profile, Rafael spent nice words for Real Madrid soccer star Karim Benzema. "I have always admired Karim Benzema as a player, having shown passion and professionalism despite the passing of the years.

I wish him good luck and I hope he can fulfill his dream of winning the Ballon d'Or 2021," tweeted Nadal. Rafa has always been a master at managing his emotions on and off the court. "When you play, even if the stakes are high, you have to control your mood.

I learned to enter the field with positive feelings. Maintaining trust is a very important aspect, even when the situation is not ideal. I love to compete, but I understand that you have to control yourself. I've never lost my temper or broke a racket.

I follow the same principle when I play golf or football with my friends," explained Nadal in a recent interview with Number Web.

World Series 2021: Houston Astros won Game-2 and draw the Series!

In the Game-2 of the MLB World Series 2021, Houston Astros drew the Series against the Atlanta Braves, beating the Georgia team 7-2 and avenging the defeat in Game-1. 2021 World Series are back in balance. Houston won 7-2 in Game-2, bringing the match back into a draw on the eve of the double match scheduled at Truist Park, home of the Braves, after Atlanta's success in the match that opened the final.

Josè Urquidy, Houston's driver with seven strikeouts. Astros won thanks to an amazing performance in the second inning, which ended with a 4-1 run. However, in general, it can be said that the match was balanced, although the score says something else.

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