Revolt in the locker room of Manchester: How can Maguire be our captain?

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Revolt in the locker room of Manchester: How can Maguire be our captain?

As time goes on, Harry Maguire's performances are worse and worse. When he arrived at Old Trafford, there was talk of a player who would be the main guy of Manchester United for a whole decade, and at the moment he doesn't even look like a retaining wall.

To be in the club, as the third, fourth option, so to be understood, but someone can pay him 87,000,000 euros and at the same time put the captain's armband on his arm only in a club that has not given the impression of a great man for a long time.

His colleagues began to notice what the whole world sees. The terrible game in the derby with Liverpool only aroused antagonism towards the 28-year-old defender, so at the meeting in the training center, on the eve of the premier training after Sunday's debacle, the question was raised: "Why is Maguire the captain of Manchester?" The information is provided by the respected Times, citing sources from the United locker room.

According to that information, a meeting was held on Tuesday with only one goal, to clarify the situation between the players and the coach, to tell each other what is on their minds.


One footballer, whose name is not mentioned in the Times, told Solskjer, not choosing the words, why he promoted Maguireto the team captain only six months after arriving from Leicester.

And that in a situation when the Red Devils had a hierarchy built according to which David de Gea was the captain, and later armband was passed to Marcus Rashford. Maguire has less experience than the goalkeeper and striker, but he got the advantage.

Moreover, Harry Maguire became the captain of Cristiano Ronaldo, a footballer who won nine trophies with Manchester. Pointless. Nobody knows exactly what Ole Gunnar's reaction was, but he remembers the words of Norwegian from January 2020, only half a year after Maguire's arrival from Leicester, and the decision to promote the defender to the team leader.

"He entered the locker room and immediately imposed himself as the leader of the group. I was not surprised, but impressed by his leadership abilities." "Because of them, Harry will continue to wear the captain armband.

Everything he does indicates that he is a leader. He knows how to lead younger players and that is why it will remain in his ownership ", Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said at the time. Maguire was not so good lately. After a missed game with Everton (an injury), he returned to the top 11 and commanded a defense that conceded 11 goals in the last three games. It is not good for a club like Manchester United