Toni Kroos was close to moving to Manchester United

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Toni Kroos was close to moving to Manchester United

The book by the most influential German football agent, Volker Struth, "My moves" has not yet seen the light of day, and it already raised a lot of dust. Bild singled out some juicy stories and placed them on its pages.

The most important is now about Toni Kroos Struth described in detail how the negotiations with Bayern on the new contract went, that is, how one of the best midfielders in recent years ended up at Real Madrid ... "My friend Mickey, like many other people, wanted to know what negotiations with Uli Hoennes looked like.

I said: I have no idea, Mickey. He asked me: What do you mean? It's clear. I've never negotiated with him. Probably because he never had an operative role in the club. "In any case, my contact at Bayern was Karl Heinz Rummenigge.

I talked to him about everything, "Struth began a section dedicated to Toni Kroos. "In September 2013, I was sitting in Rumenige's office in Zebener Straße. Toni Kroos' contract expired in 20 months. Bayern wanted to extend the cooperation, and Toni had nothing in particular against it."

"Unfortunately, we had completely different views on that: how much money does Tony deserve? Bayern offered 6,000,000 euros gross." "As if they forgot that I know how much they pay Mario Gotze ... I asked for 10,000,000.

There were no raised tones, no one was offended." "Objectively speaking, both Rumenige and I believed that the latter had no idea about Toni Kroos. All right, have a nice day, I said goodbye to him and flew back to Cologne.

I think that the first meeting lasted only 30 minutes. "
Struth then explained how Pep Guardiola also fought to keep Kroos in Munich ... "When he heard that the negotiations were long, he invited him to a meeting and told him: Toni, I need you here.

I'm counting on you." "I guess Guardiola also told Rummenigge how much Kroos is really necessary for his philosophy. I came to the second meeting in Munich. It was November 2013. " "Six million euros is a fair salary for Toni's status," Rumenige said "I don't think so," I replied.

“I know what you think,” he told me. "Toni is just as important to Guardiola as Lahm, Robben or Ribery. That's why he should belong to their pay category." "It wasn't worth it. I would say that this time the conversation didn't last longer than 29 minutes.

The third time I tried to convince Rummenigge was in January 2014." "He told me like this: Here, we want to express our gratitude and respect to Toni, we are ready to raise an offer. We will give 6,500,000 euros gross.

" "But Mr. Rummenigge, that is still very far from what we are looking for" ... "I didn't carry a stopwatch with me, but I think I came out of his office for the third time in less than 28 minutes."

"Well, now about the moment when Uli Hoennes got involved in the negotiations in his own way ... It happened on February 2, 2014. After the 5-0 victory against Eintracht Frankfurt, Toni was on his way to the locker room."

"Hoenes approached him. He was red. He just yelled without any introduction: Go find your agent and tell him you'll never have 10,000,000 here! "I don't have to look for him," Toni replied. "We're of the same opinion."

Manchester United

That day, Toni Kroos realized that he would not play for Bayern next season. I immediately contacted all the big clubs in Europe, I announced that Toni was on the market. I had a feeling that at first, no one believed me.

They did not believe that Bayern would let him go. So he is the perfect man for Guardiola's football ?! But at some point, they realized it was true. In April 2014, Manchester United sent me a contract ready to sign. The clubs had already agreed ...

I sent CEO Ed Woodward a package of traditional cookies from the best pastry shop in Cologne. In Manchester, they knew what to do to make the player feel valuable. David Moyes personally visited Toni. They were clear signals of love.

Toni easily forgave ".. "I put my copy of United's contract in the office safe. It's still there today. It's without Toni's signature. On April 22, 2014, David Moyes was fired. I had to start all over again, looking for a new club." "Kroos moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2014."