Henry: "The whole team is working to make Mbappe shine"

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Henry: "The whole team is working to make Mbappe shine"

The time they need to start playing better is becoming more and more difficult as an excuse. Soon, Mauricio Pochettino will not be able to count on that alibi. And the problem is not the defeat by Rennes - Paris will win the home title - or last night's draw in the derby at the Velodrome; The mistake in the clash with Brugge in the Champions League did not do much damage, but what is becoming worrying is the fact that the Argentine expert fails to fit Leo Messi into his system.

In fact, there is no system yet, since the best trio of today (Messi-Neymar-Mbappe) is far from "click-moment" The legendary French ace Thierry Henry spoke openly about the difficult situation in which Pochettino finds himself, but also his greatest reinforcement.

His observations on the topic of Messi's position and the team were especially interesting ... "Leo is too isolated, he doesn't have the ball in his legs. I couldn't say that he is sad, that something doesn't suit him - he is just isolated.

I prefer to watch him in the middle. From there he can dictate the tempo, which he does best." Henry said "I don't think Messi can make a difference by playing on the right side. Although I have no insight into the tactical variants, has it been agreed that he will be drawn to the side ...

Obviously, Pochettino has not fitted yet his biggest stars."


Henry also sees the problem of Leo Messi's fit in the club hierarchy. According to him, Kylian Mbappe is a player around whom everything revolves.

"Messi doesn't talk much, except with the ball. This is still Kylian's team. The whole team is working to make Kylian shine. The ball is usually sent to him." "The team keys must be for one player for everything to work properly.

And in this team, there are too many people on the team who want to have those keys. " The hysteria among the fans due to bringing in Lionel Messi has subsided. The Argentine played four games in Ligue 1, he has neither a goal nor an assist.

With solid games in the Champions League, he managed to disguise a bad start in the championship, but it is still far from spectacular expectations. On social networks after the derby with Marseille, his performance dominates: goals - 0; assistance - 0; key assists- 0; center shots - 0; created chances - 0; big misses - 1.

And all that with the clip of the duel with Payet in the middle of the field in which he literally blew him away. Something we couldn't see in the 17-year-long career of one of the best players of all time ...