Karim Adeyemi continued to impress: PSG want him as soon as possible

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Karim Adeyemi continued to impress: PSG want him as soon as possible

The next big "thing" in world football is called Karim Adeyemi. The summer transfer period in 2022 will also pass in his sign. The planet will burn in June because of Kylian Mbappe, because of Erling Haaland, who will almost certainly change his club, but no less because of Karim Adeyemi, the 19-year-old Red Bull Salzburg striker.

After Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, who have been intensively following the games of the dark-skinned striker since the beginning of the season, Paris Saint-Germain also joined the game, reports German Sky Sport. The three clubs are largely "flirting" with the young striker's club, and he is allegedly followed by giants: Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, and even Real Madrid.

It seems that all those clubs that were insecure when Erling Haaland shook the nets in the Salzburg jersey have now decided that such a failure would not happen to them, that they have to follow the new goal machine from Red Bull.

In Salzburg, they are sure that they will keep the player until the end of the season, that they will not sell him in January, whatever the rush. "I don't know what should happen, what kind of scenario should be written so that Karim doesn't stay with us until the end of the season," Christoph Freund, Salzburg's sports director, told the Austrian media.

Bayern Munich

But, he is not stupid either, so he can talk in vain about how Adeyemi will remain the Red Bull even after June. Because it is clear as day that they will not, that they will not be able or willing to refuse the offers that will reach the Salzburg club.

It is believed that Bayern is in the pole position, since Adeyemi was in Bayern Munich youth school, although his super talent was not recognized there at that time. But the guy born in Munich didn't blame them for that and admitted that he was waiting for a call from the Allianz Arena.

Karim played 18 games for Salzburg this season and scored 14 goals. He follows the paths trodden by Erling Haaland. Adeyemi is aware that this is one of the most important decisions in his career, which could change his whole life.

Obviously, Bayern is his first wish, but the question is how many minutes he can get in such a strong competition of the Bavarian giant. Still, he seems to want to fight for a place on the team despite all the obstacles he will have.

But he obviously believes in his talent and himself, which is definitely necessary if he wants to be a world-class player.