Scholes disappointed with Paul Pogba's performances and behavior

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Scholes disappointed with Paul Pogba's performances and behavior

Paul Pogba's return to Old Trafford four and a half years ago was supposed to turn the wheel of history and bring the runaway son back to the Red Devils. He came as the most expensive player in the history of the club and the Premier League, but he did not bring any step forward.

His contract expires next summer and his agent Mino Raiola has already announced that he will not discuss an extension until April. It is quite clear that Raiola is looking for a way out for him and that he is doing the same as with Donarumma in Milan.

His goal is for the player to leave without compensation, which will mean higher bonuses and commissions for him and Pogba. United is trying to avoid that scenario but seems to see Pogba more as financial capital than as football value.

With the compensation paid of 105,000,000 and Pogba's salaries, which cost the club almost 90,000,000 euros in five years, the net loss of United if the Frenchman goes for free would be close to 200,000,000 euros. The investment of 200,000,000 euros in Pogba has definitely not returned to the field, so it seems that they have come to terms with one of the most expensive mistakes in the history of football at Old Trafford.

"Pogba came in at halftime to try to help the team, to stand on the ball a bit, to show how strong he is in the middle of the field… And then he gave a goal to the opponent ?! " "After that, he got the red card due to a stupid start.

With 0: 5 and 10 players, you have to imagine whether Solskjaer is still the coach of the team and whether we will ever see Pogba again in the Manchester United jersey. " "He will probably play for United again, but I also think that the club will not miss anything if he does not play any more matches."

"He had numerous opportunities, he repeated that he lacked continuity, and then he did what he did and showed complete disrespect towards the coach and his teammates ", said the legendary Paul Scholes.

Pogba's talent

The famous Englishman would no longer suffer and wait for Pogba.

"He has been making hell on the team for several years. Everyone knows what talent he is, everyone trusts him, they try to set his head in the hope that he will be the player he should be." "And with all that, he doesn't want to sign a new contract, he holds the club as a hostage and then he does what he did.

Don't get me wrong, it's not Solskjer's fault." Manchester United was already lost, Liverpool was leading 5: 0, and then Paul Pogba left his teammates to wallow in the mud in which they were up to their necks.

Although he blew it all up, most of the blame falls on others. "I think the coach was carried away by emotions after the comeback against Atalanta. It didn't take much to look back on that game before the duel with a team like Liverpool."

"It is not a question of lack of desire and effort, but they were tactically outplayed where there was a fear that they would be outplayed ", says Scholes.