Solskjaer: "We have gone too far as a team to give up now"

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Solskjaer: "We have gone too far as a team to give up now"

White in the face, petrified faces, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer waved and applauded the fans as he left Old Trafford after he lots 5:0 against Liverpool. It was one of the worst defeats in the history of Manchester United. The historical disgrace of the giant from Old Trafford.

T The heaviest defeat at home from the biggest rival in the club's history. For the first time in 66 years, Manchester United conceded five goals at home without scoring any. The finger of guilt clearly points to Solskjaer, who has already managed to save himself from dismissal several times so far after bad periods and painful defeats.

It seems that he is right on the edge now and that tonight is perhaps the last time he sat on the bench of the Red Devils. However, he does not intend to offer his resignation. "We have gone too far as a team to give up now.

We also lost to Tottenham 1: 6 last season, but this is worse. Much worse. Especially for me as someone who is a guy from this club." "We need to get this over our heads as soon as possible. It will be difficult, the players will lose their self-confidence, but we have a lot of strong characters in the team."

"We know that we are at the bottom and that we can't get worse than this, but we will see where we will end," Solskjaer said after the match.

Worst game

The Norwegian does not deny that this is the worst game since he sat on the United bench.

"It's not easy to say anything except that this is my worst moment since working with these guys. We were not good either as a team or as individuals." "You must not give Liverpool such chances, and we did just that.

Our entire edition was unsatisfactory. Although we opened the match well, they were ruthless in their chances. The third goal decided everything. " Whose responsibility is this debacle? "It is my responsibility. I am the one who chose how to start this game.

We were not focused enough in the chances and we opened up too much space for the opponent." "And when you open up space for good players, then they score goals. In the previous two and a half years, we entered the games against them in a similar way and responded to their high pressure."

"But today they used their chances, and we did not show the authority of Manchester United. We conceded the fourth goal when we were already heading into the locker room. And then it was all over. "