Manchester United vs Liverpool: The derby we've all been waiting for!

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Manchester United vs Liverpool: The derby we've all been waiting for!

The biggest English derby could not have come at a worse time for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. His team is rocking like a boat on the sea, electricity is passing through his bench, and those with whom he played "yesterday" in the Manchester United jersey started calling him out.

And, today (17.30), his biggest rival, the invincible Liverpool, is coming to his guests. And, again, maybe Liverpool will arrive at Old Trafford at the ideal moment for Solskjaer. Victory over an angry rival would be "bronchi" for him, the management, the fans.

They would all get off his back a little. He would get at least a month of peace and quiet, to try to get United back on track, to rush to the top of the table. If you ask Jurgen Klopp, he will tell you that Liverpool currently has the best football player in the world - Mohammed Salah.

That's why the Reds have been doing so well since the beginning of the season. The Egyptian was not the brightest during the previous year, but that seemed to awaken his dormant desire, so he has been great since August.

In 11 games - 12 goals. And Salah likes to play against Manchester United. He scored four goals in eight games against them. He also has bigger customers: he gave Tottenham eight, West Ham nine, Arsenal seven ... Liverpool is in better shape.

For the guys from Anfield, the match comes at the right moment, because they have not been defeated away since February. They are going to Old Trafford with a victory over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League (3: 2), which gives Klopp's team wings before the biggest derby in England.

Again, the Reds play atomic football in which everything is bursting with chances and goals. Salah is the first pearl, but there is also Firmino, the scorer of the hat-trick against Watford, Mane is also "sneaking", and Keita is also important.

Liverpool looks like a machine again, which intends to return the champion's crown to its showcases. They will not wait for it again for three decades.

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And a victory at Old Trafford would be just another message from the rival that Liverpool want to return "theirs" this season.

Manchester United just sank after a good start in the Premier League. They tied a loss to Aston Villa (1: 0), a draw with Everton (1: 1) and a defeat in Leicester (4: 2). The Red Devils believe in Cristiano Ronaldo. While he was scoring, they were winning.

When the Portuguese stopped and did not score a goal in the last three matches, the triumphs disappeared as if taken by hand. A lot has changed since Ronaldo last played in a United jersey against Liverpool. When he left Old Trafford for Madrid, Cristiano left behind five wins, a draw and two defeats against the Reds, with two goals scored in the Premier League.

It's just that this Liverpool and today's one have little in common. Then, about 15 years ago, Manchester entered every match with the team from Anfield as the favorite, today it is the other way around. A catch that gives faith to United fans: Ronaldo likes the biggest challenges, he is the best when it is the hardest.

And the story that Salah is the best player in the world today will surely provoke a reaction from the Portuguese on the field. Solskjaer also has more problems with player injuries than Klopp. While Varane will certainly not be on the field, Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford are in question.

There will be no Thiago Alcantara and maybe Eliot in Liverpool. And what else is on the side of Liverpool? The fact that they have three wins and three draws in the last six duels with Manchester United. The Red Devils last celebrated in March 2018.