Mourinho: "I want players, but I'm not an a**hole"

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Mourinho: "I want players, but I'm not an a**hole"

It is not enough to say that Roma and Jose Mourinho suffered a heavy defeat in Norway. Bode Glimt humiliated the team of the trophy-winning Portuguese expert and even Mourinho. They packed six goals for Rome in a match that will remain inscribed in the history of the club from the Eternal City, but also its coach.

That is why at the press conference before the derby with Napoli in Serie A, little was said about the meeting with the leader on the table. Mr. Special had his show. After a short story about personnel problems before the clash with the team that won all eight games in the championship, almost the only topics of the conference were the debacle in Norway and the consequences it left.

After the meeting in the Conference League, Mourinho "threw the hot heads of the players under the bus", so he tried to justify himself when the passions calmed down a bit. "First of all, I don't want to talk about specific players, as you did by mentioning Perez and Kumbulla.

But I will use the opportunity to say something, given that the conference is going in that direction and that these issues will come." "The Friedkin family inherited a lot of mistakes. just like Tiago Pinto. A lot of money has been spent to rectify the mistakes made by people who are now laughing, many of them full pockets.

" He continued in his breath. He talked about the money spent during the transfer period. Roma set aside about 100,000,000 euros for reinforcements. "You are right, a lot of money was spent to correct certain things and create conditions for a successful project, but it takes time.

When someone writes that Mourinho is not satisfied with the owners, it is a lie, you could hardly have invented a bigger one." "Mourinho wants more players Yes like any other coach. Does Mourinho want a balanced team, with two players of the same level in each position so he can rotate and make five substitutions after an hour of play in each game, yes, but Mourinho it's not an a**hole""

"Mourinho has a lot of respect for the Friedkin and Tiago family and he decided to accept a job in Roma precisely because he understood the situation he was in. "


He admitted that the defeat could have been even harder, that the team could have conceded another goal or two, but he also took responsibility.

"I chose a team that was at risk of losing the game. I did it with pure intentions because I'm afraid of injuries, surfaces, time and the games we played." "Because I'm afraid we don't have two players in each position because we have matches with Napoli, Cagliari, and Milan ahead of us."

"And I was wrong. The responsibility is mine and mine alone. It is not the players who are responsible, nor the owners. Only me. " He pointed out that he did not find a worse situation with injuries in his career. "Roma has a history of injuries in the last four or five years that I have never seen.

It is something we pay a lot of attention to, we work hard and cooperate with the medical team, fitness coaches." "So on Thursday I recognized a moment to rest a couple of players and give a chance for others. Because they are all good guys, who work hard and deserve to play."

"I was wrong. Unfortunately, defeat will remain a part of Roma's history and we cannot change that. It will remain a part of my history and I deserved it. "