Allegri before the derby: Inter is the favorite for Scudetto

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Allegri before the derby: Inter is the favorite for Scudetto

Juventus is waking up slowly, they improved their form, looked like the old one, and tied three victories, but they are still quite behind Napoli. As many as ten points, even though only eight rounds have passed, and in the ninth, the biggest rival is waiting for them- Inter at Giuseppe Meazza.

Many are of the opinion that the outcome of the Italian Derby could affect the championship ambitions of the Turin team, but Massimiliano Allegri does not agree. In case of defeat, the Old Lady would be in an even more difficult situation, but although the Italian champion would escape them by six points, and the leader Napoli could gain an additional advantage, the coach of the Turin team does not believe that his team will drop out of the Scudetto race.

"No, I don't like that. We could go on with good results. If we look at the table, the game with Roma was much more important. We can't think we will win or lose the championship after just one game." "They can't kill us.

It will not be a decisive match, but a nice experience. In November we will have a new break, we will see how much we have done and we will evaluate the next step." "The season is definitely decided in the last three months, but you have to be there," Allegri told on the conference before the match.


However, Inter have not been shining lately either. They won only one of the last three games in the championship, the one against Sassuolo, they drew with Atalanta, and in the last round they suffered a heavy defeat from Lazio at the Olympics, so Juventus could equalize with Nerazzurri with a victory.

"We will see tomorrow night, everything will depend on how we play. It will be a beautiful evening, especially because there will be about 60,000 spectators at the stadium with high expectations." "Inter is still the favorite for the Scudetto in my opinion.

It will be an important test against a strong team. . " The good news for Allegri is that Paulo Dybala is returning to the team after he healed the injury. "He will be available to me, he feels good and he has done the last two training sessions with the team.

We are almost complete, which is important, because I need every player, just like in Russia, where those who came in from the bench decided the game." , Allegri reminded.