Ronaldo on critics: "My job is to score goals"

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Ronaldo on critics: "My job is to score goals"

Manchester United fans were nervous on the last day of the transfer window. There were also those who forgot for a moment everything that Cristiano Ronaldo did for their club in his first term at Old Trafford and went so far as to burn the Portuguese's jersey when one of their idols found himself one step away from moving to Manchester City, only to move from the stage of disappointment to the state of euphoria shortly afterward, because Ronaldo is back!

Three goals after returning to the Premier League led the Red Devils to dream of a Premier League title, and Cristiano scored three more in the Champions League, two of which brought two direct victories in the group stage.

"I know when my team needs help in defense. But my role is to bring the team victories and score goals. People who don't want to see are the ones who don't like me but to be honest, I'm 36, I've won everything, and I'm a little worried about people who say bad things about me."

"I sleep well at night, I go to bed with a clear conscience. And I will continue like that because I will continue to win and shut the critics' mouths," Ronaldo is convinced.


Moreover, as is usually the case with the greatest athletes, the criticism only further motivates him, and the desire to win is still the same, even though he is playing his 20th season in senior football.

"Criticism has always been a part of this job. I'm not worried about the job. And I look at it as a good thing, to be honest. If they care about me or talk about me, it's because they know my potential and value."

"I'll give you an example: if you ask the worst student in school if he likes the best student, he will say he doesn't like him. I think the most important thing is that I'm still happy and enjoy football."

"It doesn't matter how much I've won in my career, I'm constantly winning but I'm still motivated." "I have opened a new chapter in my life and that is why I am here - I want to continue winning trophies and I think Manchester should be at the same level of winning and thinking about winning big trophies, so I am here to help.

" Upon his return to Old Trafford, the best scorer in the history of national football stated that he believes that United can reach the trophy, the first since 2017. However, the Manchester team is already five points behind the leader Chelsea after eight rounds.

"I said what I felt at that moment - I'm here to win trophies. I'm not here to rest, Manchester United is synonymous with winning. I said I see great potential in this team, very young players, with a lot of potentials, and I'm here to win and help the team build new things. "