Dzeko: “A lot of things I didn’t like in Rome and a lot of people disappointed me"

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Dzeko: “A lot of things I didn’t like in Rome and a lot of people disappointed me"

For the first time in ten years, Inter will welcome the Italian Derby against Juventus as the state champion. And one of the strongest trump cards of the current champion will be the Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko. After the sale of Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea, the experienced Bosnian came as a replacement.

For now, it seems like a very good choice. He has already scored seven goals in 11 games and replaces Lukaku quite well. "Lukaku was sold for 115,000,000 euros, Dzeko came without compensation, and there is no big difference on the field.

Lukaku went to England for twice the salary." "That is a sum that is impossible in Italian football ", Inter's director Giuseppe Marotta said today. Many may disagree, but Marotta is somewhat right because Dzeko is really doing a great job at Inter.

"Lukaku has done great things here and Inter should be grateful to him. He practically brought them the title of champion along with Conte, and then he made the choice to leave." "I knew I was coming to a big club where they would respect me right away.

This Inter team is the most offensive in which I played together with Mancini's Manchester City." "We attack with a lot of players, but we also receive more goals than we should. That is something we have to work on ", said Dzeko in a great interview for Gazeta delo Sport.

He also revealed how he came to Inter. "Do you know who invited me to Inter? Kolarov. He was the first to reveal to me that Inter is interested and that there is a possibility for a transfer. He told me, "They really want you here, come on." And here I am, I'm here now.

" And Dzeko almost ended up at Juventus a year ago. "Roma started negotiations with Juventus, and I didn't know anything about that, and only later did I get into the story." "The transfer failed because Roma failed to find me a replacement.

But I don't look to the past, I'm happy at Inter. I came here to win and conquer. "


He left Roma after six years without winning a trophy. “A lot of things I didn’t like there and a lot of people disappointed me.

But I don't want to remember that, but the beautiful things that were many during those six years." "I wish I had won something. Especially in the second season when we had a really strong team. However, it is difficult to do that if you always sell the best players." "So I came to Inter to fill that gap.

It won't be easy. Even if Inter kept Lukaku and Conte, that would not be a guarantee that they will win the Scudetto again." Inter could practically knock out the biggest rival from the race for the title by winning the derby on Sunday.

"Titles are not won in October or November. Inter and Juventus know this very well. Of course, if you lose points now, it’s very hard to make up for them later. We have to neutralize what they are best at, and that is counterattacks.

" Duels with George Chiellini are waiting for him… "I scored my first goal in Italy just when Chiellini was defending me. It is very difficult to play against him because he is one of the best defenders in the world in the last ten years." "He always breathes behind your neck. Even too much. I don't have to score a goal on Sunday, it's important that we win the game. "