Ansu Fati turned down offers from the biggest clubs because of Barcelona

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Ansu Fati turned down offers from the biggest clubs because of Barcelona

At a time when strong millions are the key factor in football player's decisions, create a football map, and thus become a crucial factor in the distribution of power, situations like the one in which Ansu Fati (18) found himself are a real refreshment.

And there is almost no important factor in the football world, from an ordinary fan to the highest officials who will not find words of respect for such a move. So what did Ansu Fati do? The guy that Barcelona sees as his biggest project and legitimate successor of Lionel Messi - as evidenced by the number ten jersey he received - a few days ago initiated a new multi-year contract with the stumbled Catalan giant, despite having three far better offers to leave.

Fati's contract expired, he was offered huge numbers just for signing, as he would soon become a free agent, however, he decided to stay at the Nou Camp and continue living his boyhood dream. Barcelona "blinded" him with a release clause set at BILLION EUROS.

But that's old news. The new one was placed this morning by the Spanish media close to Barca, revealing how Fati could have been taken over by Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United and Liverpool. The Reds are said to have been very interested at the end of last year and to have offered the young ace, through an intermediary, twice the salary he agreed to by signing a new contract with the home club.

However, the specific figure is not stated ... Manchester United was also the topic in September last year. Then Jorge Mendes came to the Nou Camp and put an astronomical offer of 150,000,000 euros in front of Josep Bartomeu.

Despite the huge debts, the answer was negative, and the player thought similarly. He did not want to go, he fully supported the decision of the club's management. The expiration of cooperation was approaching in parallel, and Barcelona was threatened with a new attack.

The fiercest until then. And it came from Paris. Before he got into the story with Lionel Messi, Paris Saint-Germain claims Mundo Deportivo, offered Ansu Fati only for the initials of 30,000,000 euros and 15,000,000 net per season ?!


Fati didn't think much. The answer was again - NO! "If Jorge Mendes was the type of agent like Mina Raiola, he would probably have started the auction for his protégé a long time ago."

"But Mendes always thought that there was no better club for Fati than Barcelona. If the Fati family had thought about money, not a career, they would have decided on better offers. However, Ansu said: "only Barça", reads the text of the Catalan daily.

With such an attitude, with such thinking, the 18-year-old successor of Leo Messi has a serious chance to get to where many see him - at the top. "I'm calm, I know I can contribute to the team. Number 10 is no pressure but motivation for me.

No one will be like Leo, or like Puyol and Xavi." "I will go my own way. Number 10 could have got another player, but fortunately the turn came to me. I am very grateful to the captains for offering it to me "

Fati does not hide that there were bigger offers, but that he did not consider them ... "From day one, I told my agent that my primary desire was to stay here. I may have had better offers, but it was always clear to me that I wanted to grow and succeed here."