Leverkusen CEO: "Bundesliga can't match Premier League"

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Leverkusen CEO: "Bundesliga can't match Premier League"

"Bayern Leverkusen have the third-largest salary budget in the Bundesliga, but it would most likely be among the last three in England," the Guardian wrote in the introduction to the interview with Bayern Leverkusen CEO Fernando Carro.

One of the key people in the management of the Pharmacist spoke for a reputable English newspaper about the financial differences between the German and English championships and pointed out that the biggest problem is making money from TV rights.

If they do not find a way to reduce the income gap, the Bundesliga will be at risk of becoming a development league to the elite rank of English football, claims Carro. The fact that the clubs from the Premier League are far ahead of the rest of Europe in terms of purchasing power, but Carro is afraid that this has led to the Germans having to sell key players every summer in order to keep the club alive.

He also cited one worrying example. "Of course we suffer. We tried to buy one player during the summer so that in the end the team that had just entered the Premier League would pay more money." "They offered more than one of the first four teams in Germany was able to.

Much more money and resources are in the Premier League than in other countries. It's definitely not good for us. "

Selling players

In the last five seasons alone, Leverkusen have earned around 170,000,000 euros from the sale of players to English teams.

Footballers like Kai Havertz, Bernd Leno, Leon Bailey left them ... Some would say that Leverkusen made a good business, but the executive director of Leverkusen is worried about the market moving in one direction. "The TV rights we have are as they are.

It would be difficult to increase revenues. So we can get the biggest income from the results in European competitions. The only way left is through transfers." He believes that only Bayern Munich can stand shoulder to shoulder with clubs from the Premier League.

"Even Borussia Dortmund have to sell the players. Only Bayern Munich from the Bundesliga can compete with them." He also spoke in numbers. He pointed out that the Bundesliga earns over four times less than the Spanish Primera from TV rights.

The difference jumps seriously compared to the Premier League. "I think the general problem is that we are not as good at advertising as other leagues. When you look at Spain, they earn 860,000,000 euros from TV rights, while we get about 200,000,000."

"There is a possibility, but even if we earn an additional 300,000 .000 of overseas rights, we would not be able to reduce the gap compared to Premier League. It would still be too high. Even if we doubled or tripled TV rights revenue, we would not catch up. "