United fans are looking for the culprit: Fred or Solskjaer?

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United fans are looking for the culprit: Fred or Solskjaer?

Is everything all right as soon as the football world started praising - Fred !? It could be that the euphoria due to the comeback of Manchester United against Atalanta (3: 2) is so great that the game of the Brazilian defensive midfielder has been glorified.

As a reminder, one could count on the fingers of one hand the quality releases of the former Shakhtar member (if so many), in the eyes of fans (even neutrals). Fred often leaves the impression of the weakest link of the Red Devils, however, what people from sports saw in Wednesday night, they say, was for a high grade.

And only the second half of the match with Atalanta, in which the English great reached 3: 2 from 0: 2. Not because of Fred's goals or assists. Already... "I liked Fred's release in the second half. He prevented some balls into the penalty area several times, cut passes in the danger zone, was outstanding in the defensive sense and did a very demanding job in those 45 minutes ", Arsene Wenger praised a guy who has enjoyed the trust of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer since the beginning of the season.

Brazilian jersey

He played nine games, even scoring a goal in the opening Premier League round (against Leeds), but still concludes that he looks far more convincing when he appears in the jersey of the Brazilian national team with which he was a Copa America finalist this summer and in the South American World Cup qualifiers they are in the first place.

"Every Brazilian becomes a world player when he wears the national team jersey. I have heard many objections to Fred, but when he plays for the national team, he is better than all the midfielders that United have at his disposal."

"That means the problem is in the club or the coach. It's not about Fred ", Dani Alves said, who is the former right-back of Barcelona An ideal opportunity for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to "get involved", but the Norwegian was surprised after the statement that Fred was bad in the first part of the match with Atalanta and that, among other things, that opened the door for the Italians to score two goals.

"Don't even try to ask me that. You have to respect my players. They all play for Manchester, so they are the happiest people in the world. I said that after the game with Atalanta." "And that also applies to 11 starters, for those who have entered the benches, as well as those who can play for this club at all. Believe me, millions of boys and girls around the world want just that," Solskjaer added.