Steve Bruce: "I don't believe I will continue my coaching career"

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Steve Bruce: "I don't believe I will continue my coaching career"

The wishes of Newcastle fans have come true - too rich Arab sheiks have ended the infamous ownership era of the hated Mike Ashley, and today the club left the last great proof of its existence during the previous 14 years - Steve Bruce.

The man who fulfilled the boy's dream to lead as a Newcastle coach he has always supported - although he was hurt by many because he previously sat on the bench of the angry rival Sunderland - received a letter of thanks and severance pay of almost 10,000,000 euros today, which fulfilled all conditions to form a new team, which will probably be loaded with football stars in the future.

The dismissal of Steve Bruce is no surprise because no one would probably allow a new megalomaniac project to be built by a coach without a reputation, even though he had his jubilee thousandth match against Tottenham on Sunday after he stopped playing football as a player and entered new waters ...

After the defeat against Tottenham(2: 3) Steve Bruce probably puts an end to two decades of work. "I think this is the last job in my career," Bruce began an interview with the British Telegraph and continued: "It's not just me anymore.

My job has had a huge impact on my family and I can’t ignore that. They are worried about me, especially my wife Jen." "An amazing woman, an exceptional, fantastic mother, wife, and grandmother. She fought with me after the death of my parents, even though hers were not good either.

And then she made me think about everything I've been through all these years. "


In his breath, he continued ... "I can no longer take her for granted, she has followed me practically all my life, from club to club, and if I came to her now and said that I was offered a job in China or anywhere else, she would surely ask me if we need it all in life.

But she would support me again. " That is why he believes that his coaching career is over ... "I am 60 years old and I don't know if I want to drag her and myself through all this again. We have a nice life, so this was probably my last job.

Of course, until my phone rings again and they ask me for help. Never say never" He finished the last two sentences with a sour smile, maybe even a grimace. Bruce believes it's really over. Especially because his job in Newcastle was a hard path "I would really like to thank everyone who worked with me, because I know that sometimes I am a very demanding coach, especially with young players."

"When someone beats us, I am very disappointed, but since you run clubs like Birmingham, Hull and Sunderland in the Premier League, you get used to everything. You have to, ”says Bruce, adding: "When I got to Newcastle, I believed I could handle anything they threw at me, but ... it was very, very difficult."