Tandem Lukaku - Haaland in Chelsea attack?

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Tandem Lukaku - Haaland in Chelsea attack?

During the summer transfer window, Thomas Tuchel received almost the best possible reinforcement in the attack. Romelu Lukaku returned to Stamford Bridge from Milan's Inter for the amount of 115,000,000 euros. Erling Haaland was also brought into contact with the club, but the Norwegian decided to stay in Dortmund.

The Chelsea coach, however, does not rule out the possibility that we will see a deadly Belgian-Norwegian tandem in the Blues' attack. Lukaku shone when he returned to the club, but a big decline followed. In six games he didn't score.

Tuchel attributed this to fatigue because he spent a lot defending the colors of Belgium. "At the moment, I feel that there has been fatigue of material at Romelu. I think he has played too many games in several different competitions during the summer, especially with the national team.

And he recently played in the League of Nations." The head of the Blues profession, meanwhile, received the award for coach of the year in Germany in the selection of the respected Bild, and during the interview for this paper, he also talked about the possibility of Chelsea pairing the gigantic Belgian in the near future with Haaland.


He confirmed that there was talk in the club about the engagement of the Norwegian football miracle. "It didn't seem realistic and possible to do that. Of course, we often talk about him because he is a fantastic player and an important trump card of Dortmund, who is our great rival in the Champions League."

The arrival of Lukaku does not exclude the possibility that Haaland will move to the Bridge. "I have no problem talking about it. I don't think his engagement is impossible, but let's see what will happen in the coming weeks," Tuchel tickled the imagination of Chelsea fans.

The money would not be an obstacle for Chelsea. From next summer, the former football player from Molde and Salzburg will be available to interested parties for 75,000,000 euros. The problem, of course, is hellish competition, considering that Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and City, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid ...

are already in line. At first glance, it seems that Chelsea would form the best attacking tandem in the world. Lukaku scored 255 goals (518 appearances) at the club level and another 68 in the national team jersey (101 appearances).

He is 28 years old. Haaland is seven years younger, and his numbers are even more impressive - 137 goals in 160 appearances and another 12 in the Norwegian jersey (15 appearances).