Solskjaer: "I don't care what Carragher and Neville say"

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Solskjaer: "I don't care what Carragher and Neville say"

Drums in the ears of Manchester United fans, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer cold as a sprinkler. Or so it seems. Sixth place in the Premier League, one victory, and a defeat by the Young Boys in the Champions League are not an effect in line with the ambitions of the famous club, however, the head of the professional staff is not worried.

Moreover, he points out that under his baton the Red Devils are rushing forward, that he has brought them where they were not under the command of their predecessor, Jose Mourinho. "We have made progress in recent years.

We were sixth after only half a year when I took over the team, after that, we finished third, and finished the last championship in second place." "You can see the growth, we have improved and developed, and we want the same this season ", Solskjaer seems calm before the duel of the third round of the Champions League with Atalanta.

Manchester enters it after the disaster in Leicester after they lost 2:4 "The fact that we conceded four goals is a sign that we would have to open our eyes and improve on different levels, to pay attention to details."

"Every team is going through a bad period, and our form is desperate right now. We know that and we are aware that we have to improve. I can't wait to fight back. "


The only question is whether United is capable of such a performance.

And whether Solskjaer is up to the job, since the criticism against him is getting fiercer. The last ones were said by his former teammate from Old Trafford, Gary Neville, and his great sports rival, Jamie Carragher, with the former Liverpool ace just telling him that he will not win anything.

"I'd rather not watch what the two of them are saying (Neville and Carragher, op. Cit.). It doesn't affect me. I occasionally glance at some of their comments, but now I didn’t even know what they were talking about."

"Besides, there is a derby with Liverpool on Sunday, so Jamie always likes to ... And I have my values, my way of leading the team and I believe in myself. As long as people from the club, believe me, I am sure that Jamie Carragher's opinion will not change anything in that regard.

" "I am constantly in communication with the leaders of Manchester, we have an open and honest dialogue. Of course, there is pressure all the time." "And to me, of course, but we have already gone through similar situations and come out stronger both as individuals and as a team.

In addition, we brought in football players, which raised public expectations." "Our competitors have also strengthened, they have progressed, so we are only in the same boat as other top clubs ", believes Ole Gunar Solskjaer.