Hazard and Neymar: Two mysteries of football?

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Hazard and Neymar: Two mysteries of football?

Real Madrid will be without Eden Hazard in Kiev against Shakhtar, and Paris Saint-Germain will welcome RB Leipzig without Neymar. We can freely state as - nothing new. Both of them returned from the national team break injured.

In fact, on the eve of his trip to Ukraine, Carlo Ancelotti stated that Hazard was "tired", so on Monday he dropped off the list of passengers, as did Luka Jović, who injured his wrist in the last training session.

Neymar danced on the field against Uruguay on Friday night, but on Monday, PSG announced that the Brazilian feels uneasy, which is why he will train separately from his teammates for a few days and will miss the Champions League match, and maybe the big derby with Olympique de Marseille on Sunday.

He allegedly stretched a muscle. The new absences of the two precious footballers made the journalists of La Parisienne and Marcawonder what it is really about. Hence the title "Neymar's Mystery" in the French newspaper, and "Hazard, Lost in the Labyrinth" in Spanish.

As for the first one, the record 222,000,000 euros paid to Barcelona in 2017, the small minutes and not very bright performance in the calendar year 2021 stand out. "The Brazilian started the season with statistics far below his standards.

He scored one goal and had two assists in seven games. He played 24 of the possible 43 games for PSG in 2021, scoring eight goals, five of them from the penalty spot, with five assists." , write the French. All this was followed by Neymar's recent statement that the World Cup in Qatar could be his last tournament in the national team jersey.

He said that he is tired of the pressure that accompanies him and dissatisfied, and that aroused suspicion with what energy he will play for PSG in the future, as well as whether the club made a mistake when they extended his contract until 2025 in May.

In the mentioned match with Uruguay (4: 1 for Brazil), Neymar showed that he still has magic in his legs. It would be a shame not to use it for another year. There is time, February 5, 2022, full 30. Hazard is a year older (he turns 31 on January 7), but his body endures the efforts of professional football as if the difference is much bigger.


In a little less than two and a half years at Real Madrid, he missed 62 games due to injuries, while in seven he was absent from Chelsea only twenty times. Data on the amount of his transfer from London to Madrid vary, but in the best case, Marca writes, each of his performances so far has cost the Royal Club almost 2,000,000 euros.

In numbers, Eden Hazard was prevented from playing for 482 days in less than two and a half years at Real. He has already had two injuries this season, if we take this now that he is really tired, because of which he took a break for 24 days.

In the past, he was injured seven times and a total of 229 days out of action, and in the first, after arriving at the club, four times and also 229 days. Other Real fans were denied the enjoyment of the quality with which the Belgian played for Chelsea, before that Lille.

From time to time, he reminds of the old days in the national team jersey, but in the Spanish club, he played his last top game in November 2019 in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain. Since that evening, the downfall has begun.

And it happened because of Thomas Meunier. Carlo Ancelotti will try to wake up the Belgian creator for the second time. He was not successful for the first time, nor was Zinedine Zidane after him. "He will be ready for a duel with Barcelona or Osasuna," the Italian was cautious, aware that Hazard could miss the fifth El Clásico since arriving in Spain on Sunday (16.15). So - every since he is a member of Real.