Umtiti: "I feel lonely in Barcelona, but I want to stay"

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Umtiti: "I feel lonely in Barcelona, but I want to stay"

Although he is the only completely healthy and physically ready football player of Barcelona who does not have at least one minute on the field this season, Samuel Umtiti is not thinking of leaving the club. He made his last appearance in May last year, but despite the fact that the Catalans persistently tried to sell him during the summer, he tells them that there is no need to do the same in the January transfer period.

His goal is to prove himself in Barcelona and he is not thinking about leaving before the expiration of the contract that was signed by July 2023. In statements for Mundo Deportivo, the 27-year-old defender once again made fans of Barcelona angry: "We have six central defenders, I know it's hard to fight for a place in the team, but I'm stubborn.

I will continue to fight to prove to everyone that I can play and help the team like other players." "I believe we can win the title this season and that's why we have to think in that direction, "the Frenchman said.

Umtiti wants to prove himself

Umtiti is persistent in his intention to play and prove himself to coach Ronald Koeman, who gave him a chance last season, but this one - for now - he gets nothing "I have no problem with the coach.

I have no right to ask for anything, because it is the coach who makes the decisions, and it is mine to accept them and prove myself on the field." "Nobody knows what I have done and what I am doing. I train hard twice a day.

I'm a worker and football is my life I have to work harder than others, but because I don't talk in public, people think I don't do anything, that I lie on the couch all day." "But it's not like that, I also train at home, I train all day, I keep a diet.

I feel better than when I arrived at the club, I am faster and stronger than before. The only thing missing is the competitive rhythm of the matches ", assures the defender who was brought from Lyon by Barcelona in 2016 for 25,000,000 euros.

Although he claims that he is doing his best, the fans are not satisfied with his games. This summer, after entering the game during the preparatory match with Juventus, he was greeted with booing. "I love this club, but the truth is that I feel lonely.

The boo's hurt me, I never thought something like that could happen. I love Barcelona, ​​and I consider the boo's unnecessary," Samuel Umtiti was disappointed. Despite everything, the Frenchman does not want to leave.

"I'm not thinking about leaving in January. I want to continue here, I don't see myself anywhere. My goal is to finish the contract. I'm waiting for my chance, although it's not easy for me," the Barcelona defender concluded.