Klopp: "Do I like Diego Simeone's system - Not really"

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Klopp: "Do I like Diego Simeone's system - Not really"

Before the continuation of the competition in the Champions League and the duel with Atletico Madrid, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp spoke at a press conference about Mohamed Salah, the match with the Spanish team played before the start of the pandemic and what he expects now.

By the logic of the English journalist the first question for the Liverpool manager did not refer to the match itself, to the possible composition or anything regarding the challenge facing his team, but Klopp was asked if he thinks Mohammed Salah can to win the Golden Ball? "Yes," was Klopp's answer.

"Actually, I have no idea how someone actually won the Golden Ball. I don't know if it's about playing in the Champions League final or scoring the most goals, but if we look at the form in the last two years, then Mo has a chance."

"Internally, he always has recognition from us for his successes. After these two goals he scored in the previous two games, people suddenly think that he could be the best in the world." "Well, he has scored goals like this before and has been playing at the highest possible level for years.

And it will continue like that. "Whatever you want to write about him, do it, he deserved it, but now we are preparing for the duel with Atletico," Klopp added. In the last few matches, the Liverpool attack seems to be in the mood, the team has scored three or more goals.

More precisely, that is the case in the last six games. "I didn't think about it, I can talk about the game, the opponent, the games themselves. It's never easy and we really don't think about it, if you hadn't told me now I wouldn't even know, we never make a difference in whether we play at home or away when it comes to scoring goals."

"Of course, we always enjoy it more at home because we are in our locker room, at our stadium and in front of our people. But, now Atletico is waiting for us and I don't believe that we will really score three goals."

"But that is not the most important thing, we want a good result and a good game ", said the German.

Style of playing

The journalists also reminded Klopp of the criticism he expressed against Atletico 2020 after Liverpool was eliminated in the Champions League by Diego Simeone's team.

"After that second match, I was angry and disappointed with many things. At that moment, many things were going upside down all over the world." "We played against a team of full world-class players who were just defending themselves all the time.

Diego Simeone is doing everything in the right way, he is the champion of Spain and he has been at Atletico for a very long time." "He keeps them ready to fight to the death. And I really respect that. Do I like it? Well, not really.

But, that is because I like crazy football. Atletico is certainly successful in what they do." "They brought back some players, they changed the system a bit and they look like a very good team. They could be champions again, "said Klopp.