Pavard on conflict with Pogba: "He apologized for reacting so violently"

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Pavard on conflict with Pogba:  "He apologized for reacting so violently"
Pavard on conflict with Pogba: "He apologized for reacting so violently" (Provided by Sport World News)

Bayern and France player Benjamin Pavard spoke about his relationship with Paul Pogba, who verbally attacked him during the recent League of Nations final, referred to the frequent criticism of the French public lately, and said that he is still getting used to playing along the right out line.

He added that he is aware that he is not as good offensively as Hakimi or Alexander Arnold, but that he certainly has certain advantages over these two. "I didn't play many games in Ligue 1, I left France as a very young and the public there and the fans don't know me well.

I only became famous after that goal in the World Cup." "Now they started to be more interested in me, so that's how the critics came. Of course, I wish I was more respected in my country, but I will never force people to watch Bayern matches." "Those who know football well are aware of my qualities, what and how much I can contribute to the team.

" Pavard does not hesitate to say what the French national team lacks ... "Sometimes we lack automatisms. For example, I was relatively recently transferred to right back. I used to play central defender in Stuttgart. But for two years in Munich, I also play as a right-back, I am slowly getting used to it." "I am asked to stand high, to play pressing.

It's clear to me that I can't become the best in the world in such a short time. It's all still new to me. "

Conflict with Pogba

Pavard's bad moving forced Pogba to react in the final against the Spaniards ... "I watched that action several times and then Paul and I talked about it.

He apologized for reacting so violently. Okay, now that I look at everything again I'm not moving well enough. I absolutely don't blame him. We talked about everything, everything is ok ". He still believes that he can provide the best games as a central defender...

"My position is a central defender. It's always been like that, that's where I feel best, I enjoy it. It seems to me that most of my qualities come to the fore when I play as a central defender." "But if great coaches put me at fullback, it's because they trust my abilities." "If Deshchamps believes me, it's certainly not because of my beautiful eyes or hair.

He is aware of my qualities. Of course, I have to keep improving, taking more risks, more initiative. I am aware of that and I work on it every day." And then a comparison with some of the best-backs players ... "Defender number one must have a good defense.

On paper, Pavard is less sexy than Hakimi or Alexander Arnold, but I think I'm a more complete player in defending." His German is not doing very well, but there is a lot of French in Bayern. "I speak badly, but I understand everything.

A lot of us speak French in Bayern. Even Serge Gnabry. It's easy from that side," Pavard concluded.