Jose Mourinho wants to see Puig on his team

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Jose Mourinho wants to see Puig on his team

Riqui Puig had several opportunities in the previous transfer window to leave Barcelona, ​​but he persistently refused offers, emphasizing that he was ready to fight with all his might for a place in the starting lineup.

However, Ronald Koeman did not change his opinion about the talented midfielder, moreover, the product of Barca's school seems to be in a worsening situation, so according to Catalan Sport, he could change his opinion this winter, and thus the environment.

Namely, Puig has been trying to return to the starting lineup for a year and a half, where he snuck in at the finish of the season before last with Quique Settien. However, Koeman does not see the 22-year-old football player in the same way as the former Betis coach, which is why Riqui found himself on the sidelines of the team.

Last season, he was completely pushed out of the team by Pedri, and this year his situation was worsened by the appearance of 17-year-old Gavi, who not only impressed Koeman but also deserved the call of Luis Enrique to the national team.

Even the little-known Nico Gonzalez, in Pedri's absence, got more minutes than Puig at the start of the current season.


After a little more than a year, it is becoming increasingly clear to Riqui- he will not play under Koeman, so this January he could start looking for a more important role.

The same could be offered to him by Jose Mourinho. Catalan Sport reports that the Portuguese expert is not the most satisfied with the options in the midfield, so he will try to use Puig's situation and he wants to loan him until the end of the season.

It is up to Puig to decide - whether he will stubbornly refuse another offer or accept Mourinho's helping hand. It is certain that this young Spaniard wants to go where he will play more, but he probably expects to get more opportunities this season, given that there will probably be some injuries or positive tests, but regardless of that he will probably have a chance to prove himself.

Barcelona have a really young team and there are a lot of players in circulation that Koeman wants to test, so Puig has to show that he is the one who deserves a place in the midfield. If he doesn't get a chance in the continuation, there are great chances that he will look for a new club