Maldini and Massara want to bring Noa Lang to AC Milan

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Maldini and Massara want to bring Noa Lang to AC Milan

The policy of Milan's business in recent years has been very clear - to find talents that would fit perfectly into the solid base of Stefano Pioli and his vision of football. Such a philosophy will not change in the near future, which is why the Maldini-Massara directorial tandem is intensively following the market with the idea of ​​finding as many quality young football players who could complete the projected vision of the club's future for a reasonable price, according to Milan's current possibilities.

While the professional staff is fiercely fighting to keep those few healthy players in shape, Maldini and Massara are preparing the ground for the upcoming winter transfer window, where one of the ideas is to buy Noa Lang.

The Dutch pearl did the right thing when he decided to leave Ajax and move to Brugge, where he matured quickly over the course of a year and a half. After all, Brugge, satisfied with the outcome of the one-year loan, immediately activated the release clause and brought in a talented left-wing striker for six million euros.

Lang continues to build his form in the new season, he has four goals and five assists in all competitions so far, he assisted in the last one in yesterday's triumph of Brugge over Kortrijk in the domestic championship.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 22-year-old boy, originally from Suriname, attracted the attention of several Premier League clubs, primarily Arsenal. There are rumors from Italy that Massara and Maldini were at lunch with Lang's deputies and that they left satisfied with the positive signals that came from the other side of the table.


However, the price of 25,000,000 euros was lowered to the ground by the directors of Milan, which is only current because it is a logical projection that the compensation ceiling will become higher as time passes if Lang continues to provide games from the current spectrum.

Although the mentioned price is a real challenge for Rossoneri at the moment, the directors are not giving up on the idea of ​​making Lang available to Pioli. It is more realistic for that to happen next summer when it will be clearer whether the club will be a participant in the Champions League again, which will put more money at its disposal.

In Brugge, all offers for the guy who passed the schools of Feyenoord and Ajax are waiting with complete peace. He has a contract until June 2025, and the better Lang plays, the higher the price will be. Brugge has been generating significant revenues from outgoing transfers in recent years, and the club has long enjoyed a reputation as a good development environment for younger players.

Of the seven most expensive transfers - all worth at least 10,000,000 euros - Brugge made five in the last two years. The record holder is the striker called Wesley with 25,000,000 euros in income from the transfer to Aston Villa two years ago.