Guardiola opened the door to Sterling: "Whoever is not happy is free to go"

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Guardiola opened the door to Sterling: "Whoever is not happy is free to go"

Just 24 hours after hinting that he could change the enviroment due to low minutes this season, Raheem Sterling received a "response" from Pep Guardiola. Manchester City will play against Burnley tomorrow (16.00), a press conference was held in that name, however, the Spanish expert was bombarded with questions about the England national team player.

Since coming to the Etihad from Liverpool six years ago (63,700,000 euros), Sterling has played the most games of all from the current playing staff. This season, however, only 274 minutes in the Premier League ... Guardiola said at first that he was surprised and that he was not informed that Raheem was considering his future at the club, and then he said that no one has a guaranteed minute.

"Sterling is our player and I hope he will be important for this club in the future as well. The players want to play all the time, I understand that, but I can't guarantee them a place in the starting lineup in every game."

"They need to speak on the field, that's the best place for things like that. And this doesn't just apply to Raheem, but to everyone. I'm not the type of coach who forces 11 players and that's it. With me, everyone is involved.

" In the following comment, Guardiola clearly told Sterling what he should do if he is not happy in Manchester: "What I want from Raheem and all my players, in general, is for them to be happy. To be glad to be a member of this club.

If that is not the case then they are free to make the decision to leave."


One of the most expensive English footballers of all time has another 18 months of a contract, and negotiations on a new one have not started.

On this topic, Pep said: "I'm not involved in those things. From day one, the club decides on that, not me." Let us remind you, Raheem Sterling said yesterday that he would like to meet new cultures and learn a new language, emphasizing that he likes French and Spanish the most.

In the previous days, his name was mostly associated with Barcelona ... "I'm not a person who will complain, I didn't want to make something big out of this," Sterling said on Thursday. "I keep working, I do what they ask of me.

But I can't wait to play regularly again and score goals. If I don't play, I'm not happy." In the introductory part of the season, Jack Grealish had the advantage over Sterling. However, there are announcements from England that a period will follow in which Grealish could rest more, and Sterling to be a starter. If these words don't hit him on the head, of course ...