Beckham described his relationship with Ferguson

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Beckham described his relationship with Ferguson

They were the best team in England. Term. In everything: games, results, behavior. The rules were known. Like in the army. Even today, although many are retired, Manchester United footballers are talking with their mouths full of a man who raised the Red Devils to a cult level when it comes to the Premier League.

Sir Alex Ferguson is in the spotlight. This time in the statements of David Beckham, who widely praises the influence of the Scottish expert and recalls details that are not directly related to the field, but as in any club, had a strong influence on the events on it.

Discipline! "Ferguson was not only considered the greatest coach I worked with in my career, but he was also a father figure from the first day at Manchester United, and then I was 11 years old until I went to Real."

"One of the reasons we played well is his famous "hairdryer effect" (screaming in the face of the players so much that it would raise the hair on their heads as when blow-drying, op. Cit.). For such an expert, you wanted to provide the best version of yourself, even though there were situations that I thought were exaggerated, which led to a certain problem ", Beckham returns the film to some of the situations that remain recorded in the archives.

For example, at a time when he was globally popular, he gave too much importance to his look and fashion "Before the start of the Community Shield match with Chelsea in 2000 at Wembley, I decided to change my hairstyle.

I chose "Mohawk", although I was aware that Ferguson would not like it." "I was so scared that I didn't let him see what I did, the day before the match in training I wore a hood (in august !?), returned to the hotel with it, showed up for dinner together, and had breakfast in the morning.

It was on my head the whole time we were traveling at Wembley. "

New look

The moment came when he had to change his clothes, put on a jersey, shorts, football boots, and start warming up with a new look. "As soon as I took off my hat, Fergie started yelling at me: 'Shave your hair right away !!!' At first, I thought he was joking.

"No, I'm serious, you immediately have to shave that disgusting thing off your head," David remembers the coach's order. I had nowhere to go, I started looking for scissors, and literally a few moments before we ran out to warm up, I was shaving "Mohawk" in the tunnel of Wembley Stadium.

Three years later, after the defeat by Arsenal in the FA Cup, the United locker room witnessed one of the famous clashes between the coaches and the "week", although Beckham insists that earning a few stitches above his left eye was not as terrible as it seemed.

"It was exaggerated. I made a few mistakes during the game, we entered the locker room, exchanged harsh words. He walked over to me, kicked a pile of clothes and shoes that were on the floor. Among others, a football boot."

"I immediately realized how strong and precise his shoot to the head was, however, there was no serious damage. " For the end: "It's a strange accident. When it comes to us, we forgot what happened on the same day, but the story reached journalists, which means that people started questioning our relationship.

As for the boss and me, there was no case. A closed book. " That's why Fergie is the biggest. Everything under the thread. It was known who Dad was. And today ... Just look at what Paul Pogba looks like.