Bayern and Barcelona want Kessie and Rudiger whose contracts expire next summer

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Bayern and Barcelona want Kessie and Rudiger whose contracts expire next summer

Looking towards the next obligations of Real and Barcelona, ​​shyly and secretly, they are slowly turning to the first El Clásico of this season, from which we are separated for another ten days (October 24), and in parallel with the fight on the football field, the Spanish giants went to a quiet war.

Feeling the sweetness that the engagements of top players bring with them, without compensation, Real and Barça have already started to make some plans related to bringing in reinforcements, with an emphasis on players who have entered the last year of their contracts.

The search according to the mentioned criterion crossed the paths of great rivals, considering that Antonio Rudiger and Franck Kessie were on both wish lists. The Chelsea defender and the Milan midfielder are the most attractive players who could welcome next summer without a contract, so it is not surprising that Barcelona and Real want to bring them into their ranks.

The Spanish giants, as well as many other big clubs on the Old Continent, under the pressure of the financial crisis due to the coronavirus, increased the competition with the engagement of David Alaba, Eric Garcia, Memphis Depay and Sergio Aguero.

The Royal Club wants Kessie as an alternative for Casemiro, while Rudiger would represent a very good solution in the last line after the departures of Sergio Ramos and Rafael Varane. Negotiations with the German national team player could be concretized in January, and the reason for optimism at the Santiago Bernabeu could be the fact that the defender refused a new contract with Chelsea and a weekly salary of around 135,000 euros, which is a clear indicator that he is determined to change the environment.

In the previous period, England media wrote about the dissatisfaction of players whose agents failed to find a common language with Marin Granovskaia, the general manager of Chelsea and the right hand of Roman Abramovich.

Rudiger about Bayern's offer

Although Rudiger is at the very top of the list on Real's wish list, Barcelona is interested, ​​but also Bayern Munich, and Rudiger had something to said about Bayern "Bayern's interest impresses me and proves that I did well, but I don't let stories about clubs that want to distract me.

I have an obligation to my club to play well." "I have to prove myself in every game and not let rumors bother me. I make my own decisions and I don't depend on anyone. I feel good where I am," Rudiger said.

Equal attention when it comes to potentially free players next summer is attracted by Kessie, who is also on the radar of the two biggest clubs Primera. What they failed to realize the previous summer with Georginio Wijnaldum, Barcelona will try at the end of the current season with Kessie The midfielder of Milan forced the Rossoneri to react with excellent games, he managed to get from the starting salary in the amount of 3,000,000 euros to the offer in the amount of 6.5,000,000 European banknotes, but even that did not satisfy his appetites.