Simeone: "As I sit in the cinema I think about whether Felix or Correa will play"

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Simeone: "As I sit in the cinema I think about whether Felix or Correa will play"

A top coach is, in a way, a synonym for a man who is obsessed with football. Who sees football in everything, who lives, breathes, and eats football. Diego Simeone is the one. The head of the profession of Atletico Madrid is a great interview for the newspaper Ole, said that he thinks about football 24 hours a day.

And that he is not the only one. "Football is 24 hours a day. It is impossible for a man to get rid of it, no matter how much something tries to distract him. I go to the cinema and if the movie lasts for an hour and a half there is a period when the action slows down and then I start thinking about whether Joao Felix or Correa should play tomorrow."

"And, something like that is hard to explain to the person next to you. But, things like that go on in your head all the time, even when you want to rest or go to sleep ", Simeone began the story. The coach of Atletico also explained what his working week looks like together with the professional staff.

"In the morning before the training, we have a meeting via the Zoom application, to agree in principle on what we will do, since the training is from 11 am." "After that, we stay to see what our tasks are for the next day, to prepare.

We hear from each other a million times during the week. I always tell them at the beginning of the week how we will play the next match, but when I put together a team, it almost always turns out differently from what I said on Monday.


DNA of the club

Simeone has been the coach of Atletico Madrid for ten years and has completely changed the DNA of the club. "The only thing I ask from the players is to identify with the club, to fulfill what I want from them, whether it is the Champions League final or the Copa del Ray match."

"We must always fight to the maximum because the next day the newspaper will write that Atletico Madrid won or lost. It doesn't matter who played, just what Atletico did. We ask the players for deeds, not words, to progress in every training session, to reach their maximum.

" But, at the same time, it means that football players are looking to play and that dissatisfaction is being created among those who are not on the field. "I was a player and whatever the coach told me, I just wanted to play.

I didn’t want to listen to stories of justification, ways to justify my decisions." "That is always the coach's problem. Every player wants to be on the field. And, as a coach, it is important that the whole group understands that everything I do is in order to win and that I am not interested in anything else, nor do I have an obligation to anyone. "