Neymar wants to “disappear” after the end of his career

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Neymar wants to “disappear” after the end of his career

Top athletes are getting richer, more and more distant from ordinary fans. Even from a journalist. Opinions are expressed through social networks or when they are the biggest in question - in documentaries. One such DAZN recorded about Neymar, and the trailer itself was enough to light a fire.

And in Brazil. And in Paris. Namely, speaking about the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, Neymar said… "I see him as the last for me because I don't know if after that I will be mentally strong enough to continue living the life of a football player.

So I will do my best to win it with Brazil ", said Neymar. And although Neymar probably only meant the Brazilian national team, especially having in mind that he had a shootout with critics of the national team at the last few gatherings, his words resonated in Paris as well.

Because his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires only in 2025, with the option to extend it until 2026. Sports director Leonardo therefore immediately called Neymar to clarify what it was about, while the respected L'Equp, the most influential sports daily in France, published today's edition with a picture of the Brazilian and the title: "Neymar, where are you?" The first star of the Saints, adds L'Equp, removed some dilemmas.

Neymar claims that he only meant the World Cup. Because by the time the next one comes, in 2026 in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, he will be 34 years old.

Fans blamed Neymar

And in Brazil, the pressure is huge. They blamed him for those 1: 7 against Germany at the World Cup in 2014, although Neymar did not even play in the semifinals due to an injury that could have pushed him into early retirement.

Brazil fans also blamed him for dribbling too much, coming out too much, now also for violating security protocols in the fight against the coronavirus. He seems to be tired of it, so in the same documentary for DAZN, he openly says that, when he retires, he will simply "disappear", because he wants to get out of the media.

Part of the French public is still concerned. Neymar has not looked as happy as he was while playing for Barcelona for a long time, especially after the lost Champions League final against Bayern, in August 2020. Although, that's how he is.

Sometimes spoiled, sometimes offended, always the subject of controversy. Did he come to the preparations with excess weight, did he train enough, did he sleep enough… All those stories were told a long time ago. Neymar still assures: winning the World Cup in 2022 is his big goal and he will do everything for the triumph in Qatar. It has nothing to do with Paris Saint-Germain. Time will tell how honestly he said that.