Manchester United interested in Ousmane Dembele

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Manchester United interested in Ousmane Dembele

Few players have divided people in and around Barcelona like Ousmane Dembele. The French national team player is still recovering from the injury he earned at the end of the European Championship, with the hope that he could return to the field in mid-November.

Ronald Koeman is waiting for his return like a frosty sun, just like Sergio Aguero, whose competitive debut is expected against Valencia immediately after the end of the national team break. After severe problems with various injuries since he arrived in Barcelona through a job worth a total of over 140,000,000 euros - it is officially recorded that he was absent twelve times for one reason or another, although the number is probably even higher - even at the Camp Nou stadium they are not sure how to approach Dembele and the talks to extend the cooperation, which officially expires next July.

The sports sector sees incredible potential in him, which was recommended to Barcelona when they paid nine-figure compensation, which is why sports director Alemany has been trying to negotiate a new contract for weeks, allegedly for three years, but there is a big spasm due to the already mentioned health problems.

Due to problems with the back box in these four years, he lost as much as HALF of time or two years for physical therapy and general recovery, so it is clear that Barcelona could throw the dice in a delicate financial situation with a new contract and lose a lot.

However, President Joan Laporta and Vice President Yuste are convinced that Dembele is ready to become the face of the new Barcelona and that a new contract should be negotiated. Only, already in the early phase of the conversation, the club encountered a potentially serious problem.

Namely, the Catalan media claim that Dembele has no problem staying and wants to show why Barça paid so much money for him to Dortmund, so much so that he allegedly even decided to turn the page and fight against children's bugs and unprofessional life.

The club reportedly saw a change in his behavior and a willingness to be more serious, only he had not yet agreed to Barca's terms because of his agent Moussa Sissoko. There is a wave of distrust in the club towards Dembele's representative, who allegedly has "suspicious" intentions.

As Barcelona does not have room to raise Dembele's salary in difficult times, even at the top of the club there is no talk about that option precisely because of all the injuries that would leave him at the current 13,000,000 euros gross - about 6,500,000 euros when they refuse taxes - but Sissoko reportedly believes he can get much better terms for his golden player.

Interested clubs

Especially since he will be a free agent in the summer, which automatically means a higher salary for the player and serious money in the name of a commission to the agent. That is why it is believed that Sissoko is actively maintaining contacts with several European greats to whom he would like to forward Dembele.

Manchester United is the most active, followed by Juventus, while Chelsea, Liverpool and PSG are only in the domain of monitoring the situation. Dembele's name is not new in the notebooks of United scouts because his case has been followed for years.

Back in the summer of 2020, there was a serious intention of United to bring a fast-footed French offensive player, but the deal failed because Dembele did not agree to Barca's condition to extend the automatic contract for another year before he went on loan.

Even in difficult economic times, United is in a much better position to offer Dembele more money, only a little remains unclear how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or possibly someone else who would be on the Red Devils' bench would fit Dembele and Jadon Sancho.

Dembele was in the shadow of Lionel Messi for a long time, and with the departure of the Argentine ace, he would get the space and freedom that he practically lacked since his arrival in Catalonia. He played on the left wing in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčeven a fake center forward in some situations, but he feels best on the right wing. Now everything is left to the club leaders and their ability to "break" Dembele, and above all Sissoko...