Lewandowski: "I couldn't sleep before breaking Gerd Muller's record"

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Lewandowski: "I couldn't sleep before breaking Gerd Muller's record"

If you look exclusively at team successes - Jorginho. If the world's powerful decide on a big name - Lionel Messi. If we are going to talk about best performances lately- Robert Lewandowski Take a deep breath: in 2021, 40 games, 50 goals.

"When asked what my chances are to grab the Golden Ball, let my achievements answer", he is full of self-confidence, aware that he was deprived of a career chance last year. "The last two seasons have been great in that regard.

I am proud to have the opportunity to win the Golden Ball at all. If you look at what I did, not only this season but also the previous ones, when the ceremony was canceled: I won a lot of trophies, scored a lot of goals, it meant that I finally lifted the Champions League trophy, that we were the best in the European Super Cup, as well as at the Club World Cup."

" In addition, I broke Gerd Muller's record for the number of goals in one Bundesliga season. Impressive. That is why I am proud and happy. Everyone saw what I did and that's how I want to continue. "


In the interview for the Spanish Marda, he does not want to deal with assumptions, and even when asked whether fate owes a player of his caliber the most valuable individual recognition in the world of football, he returns cautiously, but confidently.

"I really do not know. As soon as I have a chance to win the Golden Ball. I have shown that it does not matter where you are from, I have proved that despite a difficult start to your career, you can be successful. To reach the top.

" An admission that he could not fall asleep the night before the match with Augsburg in May this year, when he sent a ladybug into the net for the 41st time in the Bundesliga season. "To be honest - no. Seven days before the game, I heard that the opportunity had opened for me to break Gerd Muller's record.

Until then, I did not understand the importance of achievements, not only within the Bundesliga but football in general." "I tried to hit the target several times, I thought how psychologically demanding it was because everyone was talking about it.

I knew I was close to history, it was hard for me when the ball didn't want to go inside, but when I finally hit in the final seconds of the meeting, I said to myself: "This is like a Hollywood movie." "I was proud of myself, but also of my teammates because they helped me to break a record off a greatness like Gerd Muller.

Honestly, I still don't understand the importance of success, but I understand what it means to people, since the previous record was in force for 50 years."