Veratti was close to signing a contract with Barcelona in 2017

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Veratti was close to signing a contract with Barcelona in 2017

When he was 19, Marco Verratti moved from Pescara to Paris Saint-Germain. It was not the path that was usually taken in Italy, especially not at that time, but the young midfielder received an offer that he could not refuse.

Today, nine years later, Verratti is still part of the Paris Saints and has no intention of leaving them. And, once the time comes to draw the line, he knows where he will play at the end of his career. "I still have a lot of time, but I know I want to stay in Paris for a long time.

And, one day, before I finish my career, I will return to Pescara. After great years in beautiful Paris, I will return home. There is the sea, the mountains ... ", Verratti said for France Info. When it comes to football, the Italian midfielder says that he fulfilled almost all his dreams in the City of Light.

"I had the opportunity to play with and against the great champions, to play important matches and that is exactly what I wanted when I came. I fell in love with PSG and that's why I always did my best."
"I came to this club as a child, I came from a small town and I found - everything.

My children were born in Paris. When you are just over 18, those are the best years and I have lived them here." "Everything is amazing. I became a man and found love. So when I leave one day, there will be fantastic memories.


Moving to Barcelona

However, Verratti's former manager Donato di Campli revealed that the Italian football player wanted to move to Barcelona in the summer of 2017. "When Barça called me, I asked Marco what to do.

He told me to negotiate, and we also talked to PSG about extending the contract. I asked him if he was staying in Paris or going to Spain to decide, and he replied that he wanted a new challenge." "In the end, the transfer did not happen and we have not had contacts with Barcelona since then, "Di Campli said.

The question is what would have happened if Verratti had gone to Barcelona, would Barcelona have looked different, and would he have been of great importance to the team. Still, Verratti got a chance to play with Messi this year, and there are also Neymar and Mbappe, and this year they really have the best chance of winning the Champions League, although they are aware that there are many strong teams in the game.