Thibaut Courtois furious at UEFA and FIFA

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Thibaut Courtois furious at UEFA and FIFA

Belgium lost the match for third place in the League of Nations to Italy. A match that no one alive was interested in. Especially not the football players, who came out on the field without any motivation. But that’s why it was fiery after the game.

Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois appeared in front of the press and spat fire at the expense of FIFA and UEFA. "This match for third place is just a match for money and we have to be honest about it. We played only because UEFA is interested in making money."

"Just look at the lineups of both teams, with how many changes they made. And, it wouldn't be like that if this was the finale. That clearly shows that we have too many games, "Courtois began. And as he progressed in the monologue, he became more and more fierce.

"UEFA even designed another competition in its intention (League of Conference). The same things always happen. You may mind that some clubs want to create a Super League, but UEFA is the one that really cares about footballers."

"The only thing that is important to them is their pockets, everything is in their money. "

World Cup

The goalkeeper of Belgium continued and encouraged those who are in favor of playing the World Cup every two years.

"It's a bad enough thing that none of them talk to the players, our voice is not heard. And now we still hear that they plan to play the European and World Cups every two years! And when will we rest? Never!" "Well, we are not robots.

There are more and more games, and less and less time for rest and no one cares. The epilogue will be that the best players get injured and injured more and more often, and there will be fewer and fewer of them on the field.

" Courtois is already nervous when he thinks about next year. "We are waiting for the 2022 World Cup in November. This means we'll be playing the season until the end of June. And we will get hurt again! Nobody cares about the health of the players."

"Three weeks of rest are not enough for a football player who plays for 12 months at the highest level. "If we don't raise our voice, things will repeat, nothing will change," Thibaut Courtois underlined. We will see if UEFA and FIFA will make any changes