Neymar revealed that the 2022 World Cup is his last for Brazil

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Neymar revealed that the 2022 World Cup is his last for Brazil

At the age of 34, Lionel Messi is waiting for the World Cup in Qatar with bigger optimism than ever, because winning America's Cup with Argentina has opened his appetite and he does not hide it. And, at the age of 29, Neymar can't wait for the World Cup to say goodbye to the national team The virtuoso in the Brazil jersey said in an interview with DAZN that he no longer has the strength to deal with all the challenges in football.

Qatar and for him, it will be the end in the Brazil jersey. "I think Qatar will be my last World Cup because I don't know if I have more mental strength to play football. I will do everything in my power to end well, to win the title for my country, to realize the dream I had as a boy and I hope to be able to fulfill it," said Neymar.

Paris Saint-Germain ace recalled the most difficult moments in his career: when he had to leave the World Cup in his homeland in 2014 due to an injury after the match with Colombia in the quarterfinals. "I couldn't move my legs, I didn't have the strength to get up.

I could not! It was one of the worst moments of my career. My dream of winning the World Cup, of playing in the semifinals and finals came true. I cried inconsolably. "


However, there was also luck in that accident.

"When they brought me to the hospital, the doctor told me after the tests:" I have good and bad news for you. It's bad that you won't be able to play in the World Cup anymore." "The good thing is that if the start had been two centimeters away, you would be, immobile"Neymar told DAZN.

Neymar currently has the biggest goals at PSG along with Messi and Mbappe, but the question is whether they can make it to the very end this season. Indeed, the PSG team looks top notch and the names currently on the roster are probably one of the biggest at the moment.

It is also obvious that Neymar wants to dedicate himself more to club competitions and that after 2015 he wants to win the Champions League again, but this time he can do it with his teammate Messi. We will wait and see if PSG can really get to the very end and finally meet expectations