Adeyemi chooses between Dortmund and Bayern

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Adeyemi chooses between Dortmund and Bayern

While others hesitated, thought, weighed, wanted to look at him a little more, Dortmund reacted swiftly and in the winter of 2020 brought Erling Haaland, one of the biggest talents from Red Bull Salzburg, for the sum of 20,000,000 euros.

That move was one of the best ones of the club from (former) Westphalia, Dortmund could have sold Haaland at least five times more money this summer, but the decision is to stay until June 2022, when he will leave for exactly 75,000,000 euros, which is how much be a release clause.

But Dortmund has Plan B. A ready idea of ​​who will replace Halland. Only if they manage to take the action to the end. And that plan is almost the same as almost two years ago with the Norwegian. The black and yellows have their eye on Karim Adeyemi, the striker of Red Bull Salzburg, whose price is - 20,000,000 euros!

Dortmund vs Bayern

The young Red Bull striker is 19 years old, he was born in Munich, and he was at the Bayern youth school, and mostly at the Unterhaching academy, from where Salzburg brought him into their ranks when he was 16 years old.

After hardening at the Liefering branch, the young striker returned to Salzburg and scored 11 goals in 16 games this season. He also made his debut for the German national team. There is an idea in Westphalia to bring Adeyemi for the winter so that he can play with Haaland for six months since it is estimated that the two of them are compatible.

The only "unknown" in that Borussia Dortmund equation is that Bayern also cast an eye on the young striker. And the giant from Munich is always the favorite in such fights. Adeyemi in some way is cheering to get an offer from the Allianz Arena.

"I want to come back. If they send me an offer I think I will choose that path. I want to show everyone in that club as much as I can and that it was a mistake that they kicked me out. That has motivated me all these years, "Adeyemi once said.

Again, maybe in Dortmund jersey, everything would be much easier for him. Like it was for Haaland. In Bayern, however, there is much more to "peel" in order to get a chance in a red jersey ... We'll see what decision Adeyemi makes. Obviously, it won't be easy for him