Rangnick and Newcastle - sounds like an interesting combination

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Rangnick and Newcastle - sounds like an interesting combination

Newcastle United - the central theme of the football public across Europe for days. And the impression is that it will be like that all fall, until the new bosses put new people in key positions, which will start a great revolution in St.

James's Park. What has been talked about the most in recent days - in addition to listing the strong assets owned by the new boss, Prince Bin Salman - is the alleged decision of the new bosses to appoint a new coach as soon as possible.

Thus, the names of Antonio Conte, Brendan Rodgers, Steven Gerrard, and now Graham Potter were listed in all media. Various managers are literally "bombarding" Amanda Steveli (the main and responsible representative of the Saudi consortium) with proposals and offers, so the issue of the sports director, ie the director of football, was raised.

She had a meeting with the existing staff on Friday, and next week she will meet with the players, after which she should start resolving key issues. The media have set the new manager as one of the most attractive topics (Steve Bruce is given minimal chances to stay), but it is not excluded - which would be in a logical order - that Newcastle will choose the head of the sports sector to begin with.


According to local media from the north of the country, German expert Ralf Rangnick is a serious candidate for that position. Although Rangnick has been very recognized and appreciated although he is 63 years, the English considered him a real candidate for the coach for a while, but there was no cooperation.

"Of course we are thinking about the position of sports director. It is a delicate issue. We must first sit down with the Board and consider all options. You can bring the best director in the world if you do not have the infrastructure needed for big things.

We need a big investment in the medical sector and training center, ”Steveli said. Rangnick is currently employed at Moscow's Lokomotiva as the sports director and head of development. The German is known as a man who likes to be involved in everything about the club.

For that reason, long negotiations with the American owners of Milan were not finalized a few months ago. He set clear conditions - he wanted to be ask from the youth school, through finances, all the way to the field. The deal was close, but it all fell apart in the final stages.

He built Hoffenheim, RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig from the ground up, deserving to be called a "football professor" along the way.