Raiola defended Donnarumma and blamed AC Milan

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Raiola defended Donnarumma and blamed AC Milan

When it suited him, Mino Raiola did not shy away from even the worst accusations and insults. He had an answer for anyone. Now that Gianluigi Donnarumma has been booed for a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, Raiola is playing a pacifist.

And he says: Milan had to defend the 22-year-old goalkeeper, and not allow the whole San Siro to boo at him at the match of the Italian national team. Of course, all because he refused a new contract with the Rossoneri and went to Princes' Park, although Milan was ready to open up and make him the highest-paid player on the team.

And many respectable people from the world of football - Fabio Capello, for example - assessed that Gigi, after everything that Milan did for the Donnarumma family, should not have behaved like that towards the club. Raiola, on the other hand, stands up in defense of his golden boy.

He was furious because of the booing during every Donnarumma's contact with the ball in the defeat by Spain. Corriere Dello Sport reveals that he called the journalist of the Roman newspaper so angry already at halftime.

The day after the game once again. "I am disgusted by the booing against Donnarumma and I wonder why Milan did not intervene in some way after that slogan," Raiola told Corriere. He meant, of course, the slogan hung in Milan before the game.

It said… "Donnarumma, you piece of s*it, you will never be welcome in Milan again."

Raiola on threats

Donnarumma is furious. "Do you want to talk about threats?" Did he kill anyone? I'd say not.

It is true that Milan did not have the strength to keep him. Ask anyone's father. What would you suggest to your son? To go to PSG or to stay in Milan? ”, Raiola said. In the world of ultras, Donnarumma's act is simple - betrayal.

Still… "What happened in Milan is sad and shameful. Donnarumma just made a free decision. It is strange and disappointing that Milan did not distance itself from such unacceptable behavior." "Italy looked bad in front of the whole world.

I really appreciate the gesture of Sergio Busquets. He understood what Giggi was going through ", said Raiola. Busquets comforted Donnarumma on the field. But his empathy is unlikely to improve Donnarumma's status in Italy.

Raiola is also aware of that, that's why he spits fire. "He always gave everything for the national team, he contributed to winning the Euro, he was the best player of the tournament. He also helped Milan, he was faithful in the most difficult moments, he was a professional until the last moment, he helped the team return to the Champions League ", Raiola points out. However, he chose PSG over Milan.