Laporta: "I was hoping that Messi would play for free"

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Laporta: "I was hoping that Messi would play for free"

They say that due to the financial balance, it was impossible for Lionel Messi to sign a new contract and stay in Barcelona this season. And what can we say about the idea of ​​Joan Laporta, the first man of the Catalan club, who told reporters today that he hoped that the most expensive football player in the world would play - for free !? Laporta appeared before the press today and answered numerous questions, and it is clear that the departure of Messi is still a cancer wound for all fans and the entire public, so one of the main questions was related to him.

"I love Messi too much to be angry for him. The worst was when we realized that there was nothing we could do, there was a disappointment on both sides." "He had a desire to stay, but also the pressure of numerous offers.

We all knew that if he didn't stay at Barça, he would go to PSG. Everything says that he had that offer even before he left our club." "Messi will remain listed as the best football player in the history of Barcelona, ​​and I would like us to keep that idea," said Laporta.

But he didn't stop there ... "When the time came, I was convinced that he would do what is best for Barcelona. I was hoping that he would change his mind and say that he would play for free, although we cannot ask a player of that caliber to do that."

"We had a very good relationship and I thought we would repay him when we renew our economic resources, but we could not compare with what he got in Paris. "


The other most painful point at the moment for Barcelona fans is - the coach.

Ronald Koeman does not have any wider support, the team plays very badly, stumbles and the situation is not good. "Koeman will stay. We all get discouraged when things don't go the way we would like, we re-examine ourselves, our ideas, values ​​...

After consulting with several people I trust, I came to the conclusion that I have to act like Rijkaard." "Koeman deserves a little support. He is ours, he loves Barça, he agreed to come in the moments of the greatest sports and institutional temptations."

"I asked him if he trusted the team and he told me that he believed, that he was sure that everything would be much better when the guys who were injured returned to the field. We supported him and I am happy about that decision.

" Therefore, Xavi is not a candidate for a new coach at this moment, although he is regularly talking with Laporta. "We often talk because we are friends, as I am with Guardiola. I like to talk to people who know more than me, to hear their opinion. But we have Koeman at the moment and we are proud of that. "