A Saudi fund buys Newcastle United

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A Saudi fund buys Newcastle United
A Saudi fund buys Newcastle United (Provided by Sport World News)

Newcastle United, the historical English club, has recently formalized the transfer of ownership to the Saudi Pif fund, in the hands of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, replacing the English billionaire Mike Ashley after 14 years.

The sale has been completed and the Premier is ready to welcome yet another foreign ownership in its league. Alan Shearer former Newcastle tip, on his Twitter profile said: "Yes, we can have the courage to hope more." According to the first rumors, Antonio Conte could become the new manager of the club.

The current manager, Steve Bruce, is running out of time due to Newcastle's poor start to the season, penultimate in the standings with zero wins in seven games. In fact, the names of Eddi Howe, Frank Lampard and Rafa Benitez for the bench of the new Newcastle are also mentioned.

Jurgen Klopp: "Those who don't get vaccinated are like those who drive drunk"

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said you have to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for the same reason you don't have to drive when drunk.

The Reds manager spoke about the very low numbers recorded by Premier League athletes regarding vaccines. Only seven out of 20 teams would have more than 50% of footballers vaccinated. According Guardian, Klopp said: "We at Liverpool have 99% of the vaccinated.

I didn't have to talk to my players to convince them, it was more a natural decision that came out of the group. I don't remember talking to any of mine, why not. I'm a doctor. No vax are a bit like drunk driving. We've all probably been in a situation where, after having had a couple of beers, we said to ourselves 'I could still drive' but the law doesn't allow it.

And this law is not made to protect me who would like to drive after drinking two beers, but to protect others from the fact that I am drunk and want to drive anyway. With vaccinations it is the same: the specialists have told us that it is the solution for come out of this moment and I have not vaccinated myself just to protect myself but above all others, all the people around me.

I do not understand who says that this is a limitation of personal freedom: if so, then also the rules against drunk driving are a limitation, but we accept them. What made me realize it made sense to get vaccinated? I talked about it with doctors I have known for years.

Besides, I belong to an age group for which things might not be easier, and if I didn't, I would be at risk."