Mancini does not support the reaction of Italian fans to Donnarumma

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Mancini does not support the reaction of Italian fans to Donnarumma

Last night, in addition to quality Spain, Italy had to fight the dissatisfaction of the audience at San Siro, which boo-ed at the hated Gianluigi Donanrumma during every contact with the ball and thus had a good influence on the bad game of the young goalkeeper and the entire national team.

The audience of the famous Rossoneri did not forgive their former goalkeeper because of the way he left his home club and went to Paris Saint-Germain, so this was a rather stressful evening for him. The coach Roberto Mancini, whose team was defeated after a full three years and 37 tied games, also regrets the complete atmosphere at the stadium.

"I'm sorry about that booing, but what could we have done? Italy played, it wasn't a club game. They could have left this situation aside for one night and whistled in case Milan and PSG meet." "Italy is Italy, it must always be to be in the first place, "said a disappointed Mancini.

Tonight, the Italians were also furious because of the red card for Leonardo Bonucci in the 42nd minute, after which Ferran Torres scored his second goal of the match, and practically already then it was clear who will be the winner.


Thanks to Lorenzo Pellegrini's goal, the Azures bring uncertainty at the very end of the match, but they did not have the strength to fully return to the match. "Certain parts of the matches affect you.

The first half could have ended with a score of 1: 1, but after that, they played very well technically." "There were 11 of them, we made a mistake that should not be made at this level of competition. Leo had to be careful before he got the yellow card because of the objection, there is no need to warn him about such things."

"We were good, we scored a goal and we didn't concede it in the second half. It was a good performance, congratulations to the guys for the game." "When we made changes, the freshness helped us on the field.

Maybe we could try with some younger players, like Spain, but this defeat gave us a lot of strength," added Mancini. It is obvious that Italy was at a good level last night, but of course, the red card of Bonucci had a great influence on that, which solved practically everything.

Italy must focus on the future and on the match with Switzerland, which will be played in November, and with a possible victory, they would have great chances to qualify.