Fabio Capello had only words of praise for Italy!

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Fabio Capello had only words of praise for Italy!

Roberto Mancini did not even hide: the Italian national team is struggling with the strikers before the final tournament of the League of Nations, and it is quite possible that Italy will play against Spain with a false nine in the attack.

An occasion to talk about the current topic, which was also discussed by the hardened coaching wolf Fabio Capello, and that was enough for him to compare Roma's Nicolo Zaniolo with the legendary Dejan Savićević “False nine? I like Insigne more when he plays on the left side, in general, I prefer when footballers play in natural positions.

But if Mancini thinks Lorenzo can function as a striker, let him experiment." "Because Zaniolo certainly can't do that. Zaniolo must start from the wing, to release physical power, as Savićević did in my Milan.

And no, I don't think that's a risky comparison, provided that Zaniolo returns to the level he was at before the injuries." "I also see signs of class and genius in his moves, as in Dejan's case ", Capello said in a great interview for Corriere Dello Sport.

He can do it. Not anyone. And he's not afraid to say what he thinks. So while talking about Gianluigi Donnarumma… "I hope he is satisfied in Paris, but he is a player who made a fundamental contribution to winning the European crown in the national team."

"But let me tell you something: Donnarumma behaved ungratefully towards Milan when he moved to Paris Saint-Germain. After everything that Milan did for him and his family when he was a boy, he had to behave differently."


Now we are looking at a new Milan, even stronger than the one in which Donnarumma played. So, while talking about the midfield of Italy, Capello is asking Mancini to call the 21-year-old Sandro Tonali to the national team as soon as possible.

"Definitely. Tonali will soon join the already complete midfield. Now there is Lorenzo Pellegrini, he clicked with Jose Mourinho. We haven't had such a strong midfield for a long time, many will fight for their place in the team."

"And the middle line is the soul of the team. Still with Jorginho, without a doubt a candidate for the Golden Ball this year. Not only because he won everything, but because he was a decisive factor in those victories."

"In 2021, I have not seen a player who had such an impact on his team's victories. " Capello, of course, praises the team when he talks about the defense of Italy. “Bonucci and Chiellini are totems. I will repeat again if you have the support of the middle, the experience is more valuable than a year "