Perez on Mbappe's transfer: "I hope that everything will be resolved on January 1"

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Perez on Mbappe's transfer: "I hope that everything will be resolved on January 1"

Kylian Mbappe revealed in an interview with L'Equipe that he wanted to change the environment this summer and that the new club would be exclusively Real Madrid. However, staying in Paris has changed the situation, so many European giants will be in a situation to compete with the Royal Club in January when the star of Paris Saint-Germain will be free to choose a new environment.

Real Madrid's first man, Florentino Perez, reacted quickly to these statements, believing that it could be resolved in favor of his club before that date, but he later had to clarify, since it is not allowed to talk to the player before he enters in the last six months of the contract.

"We will have news about Mbappe in January. I hope that everything will be resolved on January 1," Perez told El Debate, and then he had to clarify his statement for Radio Monte Carlo. "My words are not well interpreted.

I said we will have to wait until next year for any news. I have respect for Paris Saint-Germain, with whom we maintain good relations."

Stadium and followers

The president of Madrid then referred to the general power that his club has, in various social spheres.

Also, the stadium should be a huge source of income after the reconstruction. "It will be a meeting place for the whole of Madrid. There is no similar stadium in the center of a big city like ours." He then referred to the power of social networks.

Real has 300,000,000 followers on various platforms. "Real Madrid has more fans than most NBA clubs. We are surpassed only by the LA Lakers and the Chicago Bulls," Perez added, and then referred to the fact that his club earned 600,000,000 euros a year during the pandemic, and that before that figure was 900,000,000.

"It will probably take three years for us to have to go back to the numbers we had before the pandemic," Perez said. After the statements of Mbappe and Perez, it is obvious that this transfer saga could end soon and that Mbappe could finally fulfill the wish he had for a long time.

Real Madrid currently do not have a "star" who can make a difference, given that Hazard was supposed to be the one and did not meet expectations due to a large number of injuries. Mbappe should be Madrid’s main man, but of course, let’s wait for the whole job to be done