Mbappe for L'Equip: "I had to break this silence"

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Mbappe for L'Equip: "I had to break this silence"

Mbappe, after all the months of rumors, decided to open for L'Equip and reveal some details regarding Real Madrid, Neymar, and Messi. "First it should be said that this was a great transfer period for us. We filled a lot of gaps.

We have a very competitive team, ready to fight on all fronts, to fight for all trophies." "Some players came back late, some arrived injured. There were problems and it was clear that we will not be in the right shape from the start.

But we were good against Manchester City. Although we are not at the top yet. " When you see the squad of PSG, do you, like the fans, feel the excitement? "Sure! We're all excited. Everyone's talking about Messi, but we've brought in some more great players.

I've always said I want to play with the best. Here, that's the case now. But it's up to us to do a lot more because the team wins trophies " What exactly do you mean? "When there are so many great players in the team, various concessions are needed.

Everyone should be in the service of the team and win." Does that mean that in a game like the one with City, it's easier to return to the defense because Messi is here now? "Of course. When you have Messi in the team, you know that he works less in defense so that later in front of the rival's goal he would be more ready to score, to be more lucid."

"If I have to go back, I have to. It's not a problem. It's a hierarchy. It's not a problem for me to run while Messi walks. I really don't have a problem with that." "In the end it's Messi, isn't it? And misunderstandings happen.

Sometimes I'm not happy that he didn't pass the ball to me, sometimes he's not happy ... But basically there is no problem. " About ten days ago in the match against Montpellier (2: 0), while you were on the bench, the cameras caught you talking about Neymar: "This moron doesn't give me the ball."

Are these your words? "Yes, I really said that. I repeat, it happens in football. But that doesn't mean we have a problem. We talked after that ... We exchanged a lot of such words in the past, all because we want to win, to win trophies."

"There will probably be such reactions in the future, but there is really no big dissatisfaction. I respect Neymar both as a player and as a man, I admire everything he is. Sometimes I am dissatisfied with his move, sometimes he is dissatisfied with mine.

But it passes." And Messi? Did you imagine what it was like to be near him? "No, I didn't believe he would come to us! He is one of the few players I was convinced I would never play with him. I was convinced he would never leave Barcelona."

"Now I enjoy every moment next to Leo. It's a great privilege. He is someone who loves football, talks to everyone, is cordial, wants to fit in as soon as possible. He is even a little shy. But believe me, he is not shy on the field "..

Did you have that feeling towards another player? "Maybe a little with Neymar, when he came. He was really extraordinary. But Messi is something different. The very thought that PSG is the only club next to Barça whose jersey he wore is amazing.

That's why it's an exceptional thing for us."


Like Messi, you were part of the transfer soap opera during the summer. Why did you say he wouldn't extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain? "In the beginning, I was looking for time to think.

Before the European Championship, I told the people from the club that I did not want a new contract." "And after the EP, I clearly said that I wanted to go. My idea was for everyone to be satisfied: PSG, me, the club I wanted my club to make money, to give it enough time to find a replacement ...

In short, I wanted everyone to be happy. " You had no idea to go as a free agent next summer? "I didn't. I wanted a transfer, for PSG to make money. But they decided not to sell me. And that's fine. I continued to train, to play.

I didn't have a problem with that. I'm still in a great team, in a place where I've been happy for four years. " Haven't you thought about starting a conflict with the club or a strike? Some players do that ...

"No, that would be ungrateful. This club welcomed me when I was 18 and gave me a lot during all this time. I always want to give my maximum, to play, to show that I am a good player, that nothing can be done. And yes - that I can make a difference until the last day at this club "

Didn't the coming of a player like Messi make you change your mind? Don't you think it's better to stay now? "No, because I've never made decisions out of whim. I've considered everything well and made a decision."