Guardiola angry at the referee after the game against Liverpool

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Guardiola angry at the referee after the game against Liverpool
Guardiola angry at the referee after the game against Liverpool (Provided by Sport World News)

Liverpool had a lead twice, Manchester City returned to the game twice and in the end, won a point away from perhaps the biggest rival in the fight for the title. So again, the Citizens are not happy to return from Anfield.

Moreover, in addition to football grief, there is also anger over the behavior of a Liverpool fan, who allegedly spat on the bench of the visiting team, which is why the City officially complained, while the hosts opened an investigation.

"They told me about it, I didn't see it. I’m pretty sure Liverpool will pull certain moves against that person. I know that Liverpool is bigger than such behavior, and in every club, there are people who do not know how to behave due to emotions ", Pep Guardiola commented calmly after the match.

Other things annoy him. More precisely, one thing. Referee Paul Tierney's decision not to give a second yellow card to James Milner due to a foul on Bernardo Silva in the result 1: 1. Guardiola is still on the field due to sharp protests and he received a yellow card.

"He had to show me a yellow card, but before that, he had to show the second for James. In games like this, the differences are so small that it makes a huge difference." "It doesn't mean that we would win at Anfield, but this was too obvious not to be given another yellow card ", Guardiola decided.

Red card

If Tierney had grabbed his pocket, City would have had about twenty minutes to try to reach all three points. "He knows this is a yellow card. I understand the pressure. But such a decision must be made in a second.

After that, they scored for 2: 1 from Milner's space. Now I am more or less satisfied with the points, but we could have lost and I would be angry. The referee knows for sure that this was the second yellow card. " Interestingly, after the match, Guardiola met Milner in the tunnel, but he doesn't blame him.

They apologized nicely. “He gave me some golf tips. He’s much better at golf than I am. We talked a bit about the game and the card, he was joking ", reveals Pep. It looks like City and Liverpool will have the main word this year and the title race will be between the two teams.

Chelsea is also one of the favorites, but we will see how things go until the end of the season