AC Milan in the fight for the Scudetto!

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AC Milan in the fight for the Scudetto!

Juventus' rule came to an end last season, Inter is in financial trouble, they are left without first-star Romelu Lukaku, and Napoli and Milan have brilliantly started a new Serie A championship. The ambitions of Stefan Pioli's company are growing after an amazing win.

The Scudetto is not an impossible mission as it seemed before the start of the championship in the Apennines. Davide Calabria is convinced that Milan is the best team in Italy at the moment. The Rossoneri have 19 points after seven rounds, which is their best start since winning the 2003/04 title, just two points behind leading Napoli.

"There are many strong teams in Italy, but in my opinion, there are no better teams than Milan," said Calabria. The initial successes of the Milan team are certainly the additional motive for the continuation of the season.

"We have to focus on ourselves and continue to believe that we are the best." "There are moments that change during the season, but we have to keep going with this positive wave." Milan coach Stefano Pioli transformed the team that lost 5-0 to Atalanta in December 2019.

Now the Rossoneri are a powerful team. "He gives us faith, he has a clear idea of ​​football that allows us all to do our best. Intensity is the most important characteristic because we can maintain the pace throughout the match and that brings us results," Calabria pointed out.

The Milan defender received an invitation to the national team to replace Atalanta player Rafael Toloi, who can't be there due to injury.

Tonali after the game

Sandro Tonali is bursting with confidence after the triumph in the neighborhood.

"I was too young when Milan started so well in Serie A. I don't remember that. Milan's only goal this season is Scudetto," Tonali pointed out. It looks like Milan and Napoli will be the two main competitors this season, but there is also Inter, which is one of the main favorites to win Serie A.

We will see if Milan can maintain this form during the season, considering that they already had problems after such furious starts. This time they should have learned a lesson, which would mean being focused throughout the season and ready for a tough fight with their rivals.

In addition to the fight for the Scudetto, Milan is participating in the Champions League this time, where they are not doing as well as in Serie A. In the first two matches, they lost to tough rivals but still have a chance to advance to the next stage. Their next opponent is Porto, so the Rossoneri are expected to do their best to win