Mbappe goes to Real Madrid, Haaland arrives at PSG?

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Mbappe goes to Real Madrid, Haaland arrives at PSG?

They were in the center of attention of the world football public throughout the summer. They will be in the winter as well. And in the summer, spectacular transfers are probably waiting for us in the richest clubs in the world.

Because it is almost certain that the environments will be changed by the two best young players on the planet - Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. It is a public secret: Real Madrid is planning to create new Galacticos and to that end will try to bring both next summer, but as Florentino Perez is not "alone in this world", there is no doubt that numerous obstacles await him along the way.

And while there should be no problems with Mbappe because his wish to come to Madrid is not disputable - in recent weeks, it has even been written about the agreed salary - the fact that PSG is left without one of the most important screws makes Haaland's path along the same path much more complicated.

Because it is as clear as day: In that case, all the lights of Paris will be aimed at the Norwegian goal scorer. The Italian Gazeta wonders, as reported by the Spanish and French media - can you imagine a more adequate replacement for Mbappe than Erling Haaland? The story of the guy who is wearing a Borussia Dortmund jersey is well known.

The millionaires have withstood strong attacks over the past months, knowingly rejecting higher figures than his release clause will amount to in the summer of 2022 (it is rumored that it is 75,000,000 euros), and are aware that they will not be able to keep him.

After all, they knew all that when they agreed to a relatively low clause because that was the way to beat the competition when they brought him from Salzburg.

Haaland's future

So where will Haaland end up? A difficult and too difficult question at the moment.

But some "details" are slowly directing the further career of many, already the best striker in the world. And all under the assumption that Florentino really and definitely decided on Mbappe as the leader of his new super team.

Mino Raiola is one of the unavoidable factors in the whole story and the final division of the cards. The controversial agent has never been on good terms with Perez. And here is the first plus for the Parisians. Raiola is also in a regular relationship with Leonardo - another plus for PSG!

The sports director of the French club easily agreed with Raiola this summer about the arrival of Gigi Donnarumma, that is a fact. And Gazeta also states that on that occasion, there was a conversation about Haaland. Although Raiola made it clear to Leonardo that he would demand a record salary for his client (around 50,000,000 euros per year), he expressed his readiness for the conversation to be continued.

Mino Raiola desire to "enter" Real Madrid has been going on for a long time. And we should never be surprised if he turns a party. There is probably no better opportunity than Haaland for such a thing, but there are also real obstacles.

The moment Kylian Mbappe's contract expires, PSG releases a huge amount of money in the salary budget. At the same time, if this one goes the way of Madrid, the Royal Club "hits the ceiling" on that plane. Hints, only hints ... The road to realization is long.